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Provide your consumers with a 24/7 billing experience that gives them power to pay at the moment that's most convenient for them. Our digital platform increases web payments by 30% on average without increasing FTEs.

Never takes a sick day. 🤒

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A modern collection platform

Built with one purpose

Improve the digital payment experience.

Bring your own payment processor.

Drive better business outcomes with better human-centered design. Expert designers at billy continually research, test, and improve upon the design of the payment system.

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Hassle Free

Get up and running in minutes, not weeks.

Switching to the new DAKCS payment portal doesn't require updates to letters or extensive training sessions. Most teams can be up & running in less than an hour.
Your new top performer

Outperforms every collector, every time.

Teams that switch to the DAKCS payment portal see a 20% average increase in digital payments after just two months.
A standout experience

Designed from the ground up to drive more payments.

Drive better business outcomes with more human-centered design. Expert Designers and Product Managers at DAKCS continually research, test, and improve upon the design of the payment system.

Your new competitive advantage.

Customer service has been a long-considered "differentiator" for many collection agencies. As consumers rely less and less on speaking with collectors over the phone, your online payment system is the consumer's primary interaction with your company. By offering a better payment platform as your new competitive advantage, consumer and client satisfaction both increase.

The future of payments.

Historically, recovering a balance was largely about taking payments. Labor and technology were focused on notifying the consumer and actively accepting or collecting a payment. In the future, successful account recovery will be all about putting power into the hands of the consumer to give a payment at the precise moment that is right for them.

How long does it take to start using the portal?

We can usually have your agency up and running within a day!

What changes will my team need to be aware of?

There are not many changes that your team will see besides the new portal design and URL. For any agency coming from the legacy portal (Qwikfund or the new portal will still run through the posting queue and process in Beyond ARM in the same way. 

How often will I need to update my base ARM for the portal?

The new portal is a web based application, so no updates to your base ARM will be needed!

How is contact consent tracked?

The portal relies on consent tracking being stored in a base ARM system, like Beyond. The application operates in a consent-first approach. Meaning it will always gather consent before any activity that would require it such as sending payment schedule reminders. The portal will continue to be enhanced with consent capturing features that don't inhibit the user's ability or likelihood to address their debt/balance.

How do consumers securely access their balance?

You have complete control over how consumers access their balance. Most companies using the portal require the consumer to verify their identity with 3 pieces of private information. Account or Reference Numbers can also be used in addition to PII.

What regulations and industry standards does the portal follow?

DAKCS brings 40 years of regulation and compliance expertise to the portal. It has been built with 3rd party debt collections regulations including Reg F, Credit Reporting, HIPAA, and PCI compliance at the forefront.

Is the DAKCS portal the same as PDCflow?

PDCflow is the payment processor behind many products by DAKCS. The portal is a DAKCS product that provides your consumers with a way to submit web payments based on accounts in the Beyond ARM system.

Does switching from paydatacenter to the new portal affect my PDCflow service?

Your payment processing through PDCflow will not change. Any agency switching from the legacy DAKCS portal (Qwikfund or will be able to use the same PDCflow account with the new DAKCS portal.

Can I use a payment processor other than PDCflow with the new DAKCS portal?

The new portal by DAKCS currently relies on PDCflow as the preferred payment process. It is possible that other options for payment processing may become available for the portal in the future.

What's the price for the new portal?

We've developed a number of different pricing options to fit agencies of all size. Please schedule a demo so that we can best determine which package fits your needs.

How do I get a demo?

It is super easy! Click here to schedule a meeting.

Improving the consumer and provider relationship.

As a collection agency, you understand the importance of maintaining the consumer-client relationship. That means walking the fine line between collecting a payment and respecting the consumer. Whether as a consumer-conscious agency, or as a BPO, the new Consumer Portal by DAKCS provides quality customer service and the best possible customer experience through the one tool that consumers turn to most -- their smartphone.

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