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A Human-First Approach

Drive better business outcomes with better human-centered product design. Expert developers, designers, and product managers at DAKCS keep the end user in mind relying on research, testing, and iteration to continually improve usability, quality, and drive better outcomes.
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personalized consumer billing.

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Provide your customers with a 24/7 billing experience that gives them power to pay at the moment that's most convenient for them. Our digital platform increases web payments by 30% on average without increasing FTEs.

Recover more payments in less time with Beyond ARM

Beyond ARM is an entire suite of tools for Accounts Receivable Management. Hundreds of collection agencies and accounting teams have used Beyond ARM to effectively and efficiently collect on active balances.

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Introduction to Beyond ARM

Beyond ARM is an 'Account Recovery Management' tool developed for collection teams. Hospitals, collection agencies, law offices, and others have relied on Beyond ARM to streamline the collection process, meet legislative requirements, and provide a better experience to consumers with overdue accounts. Beyond ARM includes access to dozens of 1st and 3rd party integrations.

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Cloud-hosted ARM
As a cloud-hosted system for your collection efforts, Beyond ARM is a secure, reliable, capable, and cost effective solution to improving recovery rates.
Core to most collection operations is an integrated dialing system that keeps agents on the phone by knowing exactly who to call and when.
Client Portal
For collection agencies, the client portal provides a convenient way for clients to upload new accounts, submit payment updates, and stay informed.
Consumer Portal
Allow consumers to easily access balance information, pay bills, and set up intelligent payment plans.
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