DAKCS provides you with accounts receivable management and debt collection software solutions to meet your business needs.








What Sets Apart Our Debt Collection Software and ARM Solutions

One Vendor Solution

Don’t settle for other vendors’ definitions of ‘integration’. DAKCS Software Systems can fulfill your e‑signature, e‑payment, credit and risk scoring, secure client and consumer access, predictive dialing, and ARM automation requirements for debt recovery solutions with collection software from one vendor.

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Installed on Your Servers or in Our Secure Cloud

If you do not have servers or resources to take care of your servers, let us provide Beyond ARM via our cloud service. Our private, cloud-based solution provides complete and secure functionality via our secure servers. We provide and maintain the servers, provide all database and server software, manage all backups, and conduct all hardware and server software updates.

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Highly Configurable Debt Collection Software

Whether it is first or third party collections, your accounts receivable management, collection requirements and business operations are unique. Trust a vendor and highly configurable system that doesn’t require you to change yours.

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Integrated or API Consumable Cloud Solutions

Integrated cloud solutions provide our customers all the tools they need to ensure rapid cash collections from our Beyond ARM application, automated contact management, a secure web portal for clients and consumers, credit card and ACH processing, risk and credit scoring, and authenticated e‑signatures. We understand that not all vendors offer all these solutions, so even if you are not a Beyond ARM customer, you can utilize our cloud solutions with any 3rd party system or vendor.

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Over 30 Years of Successful Customers

We have included a highlight of our customer success and testimonials. Contact us directly to arrange a customer site visit, receive a customized customer reference list based on your project goals or interested solutions, or allow us to arrange a demonstration of our debt collection software solutions for you with one of our long-standing customers.

DAKCS is constantly looking for feedback and suggestions to make us a better agency without dictating how we run our agency. The system has the flexibility designed to recognize that each agency works with various types of debts with different work strategies and environments.

J.W. Blair, ONLINE Information Services,

DAKCS has proven to be a great partner over the years. Not only are they willing to listen to their customers, but they are always ready to lend ideas and suggestions that help to enhance the product. We really value the partnership that we have with DAKCS.

John Chiara, SRA Associates,

Choosing DAKCS as our software provider has been one of the best business decisions I have made in my career. I continue to value our relationship with your company and the helpful employees that you employ.

Kirstin DeMaio, Paramount Collection Service, LLC,

Great Support! The support staff at DAKCS has been awesome the last 14 years I have been working with them. I really enjoy working with them and I love the fact they give me answers to my questions or problems during our initial phone call, I do not have to wait for support to get back with me.

Mickey Putman, Central Professional Credit Service,

Industry proven and focused debt collection & accounts receivable management software solutions.