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SR. Account Executive in SALES

Reid Miller

Reid has held many roles in his 15+ years at DAKCS progressing through support, implementation, training, software consulting and sales. He is a problem solver by nature and loves helping people solve complex problems with software. Outside of work, Reid and his family enjoy skiing, golfing, and off-roading, as well as building and riding bikes together.

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Head of Implementation

Tommy Secrist

Also known as "Magic Man Secrist", Tommy is a magician when it comes to helping DAKCS customers achieve desired outcomes with a DAKCS product. He works hard to know the ins and outs of not just every DAKCS product, but also the industry standards and processes of every DAKCS customer. Tommy is an avid sports fan, a lover of the MCU, and an impressive magician.


Andy Shumway

Andy has been building and leading agile technology teams for the last two decades, creating software for publicly-traded companies, large government agencies, and small businesses. He is responsible for many successful enterprise software launches and a plethora of complex customer go-lives. In 2020, Andy joined DAKCS as President. He’s an avid sports fan and a mediocre golfer.

Development / IT Coordinator

Travis Cottle

Travis upholds and maintains a long-standing history at DAKCS for quality customer support. He's patient, a problem solver, and cares for clients and their goals. During his time away from work, Travis enjoys spending time with family, hiking, and playing games - particularly puzzles.

VP of customer Success

DAX Nelson

Since Joining DAKCS in 2003, Dax has held a variety of positions including software installer and help desk representative. The exposure to countless client interactions has provided Dax with a unique understanding of industry and organizational needs. He enjoys identifying and solving complex customer issues and seeing organizations use DAKCS software for success.

For 40 years we've been making quality software solutions to tackle monumental challenges.

How we work

Connection + Empathy

Behind every product we develop, there are real people hoping to have real problems solved or alleviated. We build for people, not "users". When we rely on empathy for others we're able to create real solutions solving real needs.

Research + Definition

We know the world is complicated and full of challenges -- but we're fueled by the chance to make it better. To do this, we first seek to effectively understand and define the problem at hand. The success of our collection industry software stems directly from our understanding and expertise of the collection industry as a whole.

Test + Build Together

The process of building a great product is a team effort. It requires collaboration from stakeholders, shareholders, developers, designers, marketers, and customers. We construct a continual cycle of research, ideation, prototyping, and testing to create continually improving solutions.


We're extremely proud to be known for our exceptional customer support. Unparalleled support for our customers and our products has always set us far apart from the competition.

Proudly founded in Ogden, Utah

DAKCS in 30 Seconds

DAKCS is a Utah-based software and support provider. Our name and our products have become ubiquitous in the debt-collection industry thanks to our 40 year history of providing collection-specific technology. In the early days, we helped collection agencies install their very first computer. Today, we provide powerful software for a variety of industries -- legal, medical, collections, and more -- for managing balances, accepting payments, and so much more.

As a technology provider, we thrive on digital reinvention and exploration. We look forward to the future as we continue to discover and develop new solutions for the financial, legal, medical, and government sectors.

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