An Unexpected Perspective on Collector.Live! Event

April 23, 2019

Ryan Decaria takes a new perspective on a once a year live event.

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A few months ago, my nephew, Xander, needed to do a job shadow assignment for school. He asked me if he could come to see what I did at work.

My first thought was that my work is not very glamorous. Still, I was willing to assist him out and show him some of the projects I was working on at DAKCS.

The day of Xander’s job shadow.

The job shadow day arrived and it happened to be on the same day as the Collector.Live! event. After showing Xander around the office, we sat in on event shown on the big screen in the conference room.

My nephew knew a little bit about what I did and that DAKCS made software, but I didn’t really explain the industry in any real detail. As my nephew and I were sitting in the Collector.Live! event the first thing we heard was eye-opening for me, and perhaps the thing I needed to hear.

Harry Strausser spoke about being amazing when the rest of the world hates you. He said that debt collection is a misunderstood industry and that when we talk to people we have the power to change that misconception.


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Why I love my job and what I do.

I love my job and I’m proud of my work. DAKCS culture is about making a change in the world. To remind us of this greater mission we’ve created a list of values we work towards, centered on our customer family, kinship, and accuracy.

Our customers are some of the best in the industry, working to help consumers resolve financial difficulties in a kind and efficient manner. As my nephew and I listened to those words spoken from a trusted industry veteran and teacher I was filled with a sense of pride.

A small but important part of my day.

The Collector.Live! event was a small part of the job shadow day with my nephew, but an unexpectedly important one. After sending him home, I caught a little more from the conference, which was full of great speakers.

PDCflow did a great recap of the event. One thing that stood out to me was during the question and answer session. Manny Newburger made a bold statement that really resonated,

“If you’re going to actually leave a message, make sure it’s one someone wants to return.” He added, “If you want them to call you back, you better make sure the message they get sounds like someone they want to talk to.”

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interview by Mike Gibb at

You have one chance to leave a great impression.

Are you leaving one that a consumer would be happy to call back, that feels friendly and helpful? Or are you leaving a drab reminder of problems better off ignored?

In this same line of thinking DAKCS recently implemented a Handoff feature in our contact software solution, QwikDial, to have collectors instantly transfer the call back to the system when encountering a voicemail. That way QwikDial can leave your polished and perfected automatic voicemail message.

In conclusion, Xander, my nephew left our office with a positive take on not only my job but our awesome industry and the great people who work in it.

I made a resolution to do as Harry Strausser recommended and talk about collections positively and confidently. My perspective shifted. And I decided to work on my voicemail skills. I highly recommend checking out Collector.Live! in 2020.


For more about Ryan Decaria

Ryan Decaria is technical writer and illustrator for DAKCS Software Systems, Inc., and has been with the company for the last eleven years. He just joined the content writing team at DAKCS, branching into the marketing department in addition to tech writing.

Ryan also writes science fiction on the side. His debut book, Devil in the Microscope, details a group of students dealing with the fallout of the local mad-science laboratory. His next book, the sequel to Devil in the Microscope, comes out September 2019.

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