The Top Five Reasons to Switch to SaaS Today


5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to SaaS Now

Is SaaS Right For My Business?

If you find yourself dealing with aging hardware, operating system expiration policies, lack of data encryption and security, and backup issues. It may be time to look again at the option of moving to the cloud. Your business relies heavily on a fast, secure, and reliable technology platform.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is fast becoming the technology of choice, replacing traditional on-premise software solutions. There’s a good reason for this business model transition. As confidence is high, there’s continuing growth and access which has never been easier due to faster connectivity and convenient options.

The SaaS model enables agencies to concentrate on what they do best…Collecting money and maintaining client relationships.

Top 5 Reasons for a SaaS Solution Today

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Reasons to Switch


With a SaaS model you pay only for the compute power, storage, and other resources you use.


The SaaS model gives you immediate business benefits with frequent updates, shorter deployment times, and independence from IT offering a more affordable monthly cost.


You can scale the minute you need to scale. Scaling and deployment is fast and easy.


Achieve peace of mind knowing that DAKCS is maintaining system backups. You won’t have to worry about a big list of arduous maintenance duties, such as data back-ups, encryption of drives/data…


An end-to-end approach to secure and harden the infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures is taken. With a hosted solution, encryption of your data and drives are secure.


Case Study

This offer saved Collectech, inc.

Collectech, Inc. in Lubbock, Texas had an unexpected server failure that held the business hostage. You can imagine the panic and concern the owners had as a result. They called DAKCS Software asking for an emergency solution to quickly get their business back up and running.

The DAKCS team jumped to the rescue presenting Collectech with the available options for a solution. One of those options included being set up with a DAKCS Amazon Web Services hosted server. Ultimately, after a discussion with Travis in Sales and reviewing the costs included, Collectech decided to go with the option of the AWS Server.

In conversations with Travis, the owners also decided to switch from DAKCS’ Legacy Sting to Beyond ARM and are being trained in this quick transition. What started out as a failed server turned out to be a win/win situation for Collectech and DAKCS. If Collectech had chosen the traditional route of buying an on-premise server, their system could have been down for several days while they waited for the server to be built and shipped to their office.

Within one day’s time, DAKCS was able to get the company back up and working to collect money and run their business. The owners were able to have their server upgraded at an excellent cost while putting their company in a great position for the future.

“My server crashed and I thought it was the end of the world. My first questions were, “How expensive will this be, and how quickly can we be up and running?” I have found that the cost is very reasonable. It is much more cost effective than having to buy a new server, along with all of the expenses that come with new software for backup and operating systems. This has relieved so much pressure for me because I don’t worry about going out of town and something happening to our server.

I know I have a good backup without checking it every day. We are a small company and thanks to DAKCS’ hosting solution, I now have more time to actually work on teaching collectors and doing things that are actually related to collections. It is invaluable to me to know that I have a whole DAKCS team of IT and Support who can take care of my server needs.

I know my server crashing was not the end of the world but rather the beginning of a less stressful one. My only regret was not doing this sooner. Anyone who is thinking of going with the hosted service should jump on this offer immediately.” ~ Scott Drury, Collectech Diversified, Inc., Texas

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