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Click-to-Call is a way to reach consumers with human intervention
DAKCS discusses the current contact solution landscape and problem, compliant solutions, and the process of Click-to-Call. In addition, we offer two testimonials that demonstrate how this product can help your business.
Benefits of Adding Call Blending to your Business Operations
Call Blending DAKCS Contact Software Solution, QwikDial offers various integrated features such as Dynamic Caller ID and Voicemail Drop. By adding Call Blending to the mix, your business adds in flexibility to the operations. Throughout the past few weeks, we’ve continued conversations on the DAKCS Software LinkedIn Company page and other social channels. We’d like to hear ...
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What is Dynamic Caller ID?
Dynamic Caller ID in QwikDial Can Improve Your Contact Rate. We have focused on recent features added to our Contact Software Solution, QwikDial. We continue with QwikDial Month introducing our latest feature, Dynamic Caller ID. This added feature allows businesses to offer more localized numbers and provide better contact information for consumers. We continue these ...