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Human Intervention in the Absence of FCC Guidance: Timing is everything
The industry is still without guidance on the definition of “automatic telephone dialing system” under the TCPA. The lack of guidance has left the courts to determine what factors of dialing equipment qualify as an ATDS. One of the court-created elements is human intervention.
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Click-to-Call is a way to reach consumers with human intervention
DAKCS discusses the current contact solution landscape and problem, compliant solutions, and the process of Click-to-Call. In addition, we offer two testimonials that demonstrate how this product can help your business.
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DAKCS Difference in Action: Partnering on Washington State Interest Change
With a new interest law change put in place, DAKCS partners with Washington State and Idaho customers to find solutions. The new law impacts the interest charged on medical accounts and the letter changes regarding the debt.
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Putting Your Security at the Forefront.
DAKCS battens down the hatches to allow customers to have a better night’s sleep. Commitment to security and compliance have always been integral blocks of the DAKCS DNA and a huge part of the #DAKCSdifference. In our recent Grow With DAKCS article series we address five main reasons SaaS is important for your business, and ...
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Who is Ready with a Tax Season Strategy?
Tax season is in full force For collection agencies and ARM companies, tax season may feel like the real Christmastime. Having a tax season strategy in place allows agencies to collect more money. Of the significant number of consumers who are expecting a tax refund this year, nearly a third plan to spend their refund ...
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Prepare for Disaster Recovery with Better Communication and a Game Plan
Planning ahead is vital to your business. Planning ahead for disasters is something most don’t want to do. That plan is for not only disaster recovery, but for how your agency will communicate with both clients and consumers. Creating a business continuity plan and collaborating with clients will establish guidelines for maintaining business for those ...
How Can Attorneys and Law Firms Benefit From ARM Software
Law offices have different collections requirements than other industries. With individual law firms having different litigation processes, software solution demands must adapt to their operational needs and methods. Finding the right debt collection software that provides these solutions and methods for attorneys and law firms will provide ample benefits for your business. Solutions and Methods ...