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Send the Right Message
Pause for a moment... Think about the people you serve. Your clients, your employees, and your partners. Think about your marketing brand. Not only when it comes to your logo, your website or the required service listings, but think about what people will see when they look at your company. Take a look from the eyes of the persons you seek to serve.
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Click-to-Call is a way to reach consumers with human intervention
DAKCS discusses the current contact solution landscape and problem, compliant solutions, and the process of Click-to-Call. In addition, we offer two testimonials that demonstrate how this product can help your business.
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What Do the Comments to the NPR Tell Us About the Final Rule
Industry advocate and attorney, Joann Needleman, highlights some high-level themes found among major stakeholder groups that may indicate not only what the final rules may look like, but where the challenges to the Rule may lie.
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DAKCS Difference in Action: Partnering on Washington State Interest Change
With a new interest law change put in place, DAKCS partners with Washington State and Idaho customers to find solutions. The new law impacts the interest charged on medical accounts and the letter changes regarding the debt.
Navigating the Safe Harbors of the NPR
The CFPB Proposed Rule for debt collection provides, in certain instances, some specific safe harbors. Samples of the safe harbors that focus on consumer communication are listed in this article and should be reviewed carefully. Some may be disguised as safe harbors but in actuality, they are potential defenses in the event a claim is asserted against the debt collector for a violation of the FDCPA.
Is the CFPB’s Proposed Validation End Date a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?
Attorney and industry advocate Joann Needleman discusses what the proposed Validation End Date could really mean in the Proposed Rule. In the Notice of Proposed Rule (NPR), the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB or Bureau) attempts to provide some clarity around the debt collector’s calculation and disclosure of the validation end date which is critical.
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Debt Collectors and Creditors Need to Learn the New Vocabulary of the NPR
Debt collectors and creditors should get used to a new vocabulary when it comes to the CFPB Notice of Proposed Rule. With a new roadmap for compliance, changes in third party operations are inevitable, especially when it comes to receiving information from its creditor clients.
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Putting Your Security at the Forefront.
DAKCS battens down the hatches to allow customers to have a better night’s sleep. Commitment to security and compliance have always been integral blocks of the DAKCS DNA and a huge part of the #DAKCSdifference. In our recent Grow With DAKCS article series we address five main reasons SaaS is important for your business, and ...
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Prepare for Disaster Recovery with Better Communication and a Game Plan
Planning ahead is vital to your business. Planning ahead for disasters is something most don’t want to do. That plan is for not only disaster recovery, but for how your agency will communicate with both clients and consumers. Creating a business continuity plan and collaborating with clients will establish guidelines for maintaining business for those ...