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If you’re tired of a collection software provider that offers limited support, an inactive product roadmap, and a vision that serves them not you, you’ve come to the right place.

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Fast, responsive support right here in USA

To us, support is not about being placed in a calling queue. It’s about speaking with an experienced Accounts Receivable expert who understands the industry, your software, and your business. We provide the best support in the ARM industry, but don’t ask us, ask our customers.

Ever evolving development to meet customer needs

We’re constantly developing our software by providing regular version releases based on the valuable input of our customers and our industry research. New versions of our solutions are always backward compatible and will not compromise your office specific changes. (You will have the ability to add suggested software changes to a page that is reviewed by other DAKCS customers.)

Increase revenue and put money back on the bottom line

You need a company who ensures that you will rapidly receive a return on your critical investment and that provides reliable support and ongoing product releases afterwards. When implementing a system, you want to pick the right partner to help you. We specialize in not only crafting elegant software solutions, but in tailoring them to fit your unique needs. The DAKCS solution will contain workflow, business rules, reports, automated documents, and even screens per job function, all configured to match your processes.

Ease of change

We understand that you’ve invested in your system and change is hard. The flow of your business and the satisfaction of your clients rely on the processes you’ve built. That’s why our relationship starts with an implementation team to make sure the process of switching systems is as smooth as possible. From conversion to go live, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ve done this successfully over 400 times.

Commitment to the long run

Unlike so many of the choices in the market space today, DAKCS is a privately held company. For over 35 years our company has been fueled by good ideas, not venture capital. You can be rest assured that the future of your investment isn’t being decided in a boardroom of investors. Your success is our success, and it’s as simple as that.


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