See QwikFund in Action.

Cloud Secure.

Our secure, Tier 4 data center, provides PCI compliant, maximum uptime redundancy and security to ensure that QwikFund payments are always received anytime and from any device.  Importantly, no expensive hardware means that you can grow at the pace of your business without expensive, ongoing capital investments.  Leave the hardware, backups, and uptime to us.

Flexible online payment collection options and powerful reporting.

Multiple Payment Forms Supported

QwikFund supports all major credit cards, healthcare savings cards and eChecks via ACH.

Powerful Reporting

QwikFund provides powerful and easy to use reporting for authorized users allowing for reporting on key dates, departments managed, users, payment totals, and payment origins. All reports can be ran on-demand or scheduled.

Integration with QwikSolve | Enterprise Suite products

QwikFund works seamlessly with other QwikSolve | Enterprise Suite products ensuring that payment is rapidly and securely part of your business process.

Flexible Payment Methods, Options & Merchant Services Selection

QwikFund credit card and ACH processing makes payment collection easy, allowing collection via your branded and optimized web pages, payments via iPhone, iPad, or Android device, via integrated IVR, and secure virtual terminal. All payments can be setup for recurring with client defined minimum payments, start and end dates, and customer initiated recurring payments based on the client’s minimum payment balance table. In addition, work with your chosen merchant services vendors allowing you to continue and leverage existing services and cost structure.

Pricing Model Designed with You in Mind.

Our simple and transparent QwikFund pricing model is designed to accommodate both small and large agencies based on your average credit card and ACH transaction size and volume allowing you to watch the bottom line as you plan and grow your business.

Beyond ARM and QwikFund Integration.

If you are a Beyond ARM customer QwikFund is elegantly integrated with Beyond ARM; allowing for payments to be received securely from any device via multiple methods.

If you have your own internally developed accounts receivable management system or use another commercial software application, QwikFund’s powerful transparent web interface will allow you quickly plug-in our PCI compliant payment solution with any of your existing web forms, or utilize our full featured API to integrate with your existing application.

We provide you access to the most powerful and secure, enterprise level payment solution backed by a company dedicated on providing astonishing customer service.