See QwikClient in Action.

Cloud Secure.

Our secure, Tier 4 data center provides PCI compliant, maximum uptime redundancy and security to ensure that your clients have 24/7 access to their debt portfolio. These features of our debt collection software leave your team available to focus on revenue generating activities. Importantly, QwikClient does not require you to make additional hardware purchases to upgrade your collections management software. This means that you can keep pace with your business’s growth without expensive, ongoing capital investments. Leave the hardware, backups, and uptime to us.

24/7 access by your clients = 100% focus on your revenue producing business functions.

Win More Business

QwikClient is a value-add solution to your customers. When provided to your clients, it further conveys your value proposition and differentiates you from your crowd of competitors, ultimately allowing you to win more business.

“We acquired two major hospital clients because of QwikClient. With over 300 clients, we give them all access to view their own real-time performance reports; this is only one of the ways we stay in touch using this great customer service tool.” — Mark Edwards, Credit Bureau Systems

Powerful Reporting

Your clients have anytime access to real time trust reports, acknowledgments, debtor status, performance, statistical collector actions reports and more.

Single & Automated Multiple Account Filing

Securely, automatically and rapidly receive and process individual or multiple account filings from your clients without interrupting your revenue producing resources with data entry tasks.

Electronic File Repository Access

QwikClient provides complete access to your clients to the electronic file repository of their accounts. Adobe PDF documents, audio files, and any attached electronic file can be quickly accessed, downloaded and viewed on their local computer.

Pricing Model Designed with You in Mind.

Our simple and transparent pricing model is designed to accommodate both small and large agencies based on the number of your accessing clients.

Complete Integration

QwikClient is elegantly integrated with Beyond ARM providing secure anytime access for your clients with your accounts receivable management and collection software system.