Cloud Secure.

Our secure, Tier 4 data center provides PCI compliant, maximum uptime redundancy and security to ensure that your AR and consumer communications are rapidly sent and are never interrupted without any downtime. Importantly, because DAKCS software for financial services, government and healthcare does not require expensive hardware, you can expand your business without additional, expensive capital investments.

Kill your paper and reduce your mailing and letter printing budget by 40%.

Industry Compliant & Security Confidence

You have the surety that QwikContact is entirely aligned and compliant with collection regulations, ensuring that no sensitive information is sent through email. Utilizing an elegantly designed self-identification system, QwikContact ensures that correspondence is always sent to the appropriate recipient.

Reduce Mailing and Letter Printing Costs by 40%

With continued postage fee increases and print costs, QwikContact not only reduces your mailing and letter printing costs by 40%, it completely eliminates mail delivery time, allowing for immediate collections.

Complete Transactional Audit Tracking

Powerful transactional audit capabilities provide detailed time, date, and user access log, noting delivery, access, and download information; ensuring complete compliance and accelerating collection time.

Customized Correspondence and Letter Templates

QwikContact allows you to easily design your communication and letter templates based on your current printed correspondence, letterhead and logos.

Pricing Model Designed with You in Mind.

Our simple and transparent pricing model is designed to accommodate both small and large agencies based on your existing mailing costs allowing you to watch the bottom line as you plan and grow your business.  Importantly you will be ensured that regardless of your volume, all of our cost models are less than half the price of a letter..

Complete Integration.

If you are a Beyond ARM customer QwikContact is elegantly integrated with Beyond ARM; providing secure, immediate consumer notification, utilizing your existing template letters, and providing transactional based audit logging.

If you have your own internally developed accounts receivable management system or use another commercial software application, QwikContact’s powerful application programming interface will provide you access to the most powerful, ARM focused, consumer notification solution on the market, backed by a company dedicated on providing astonishing customer service.

See QwikContact in Action.