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February 20, 2020

When it comes to marketing your brand, pause for a moment…

Think about the people you serve. Your clients, your employees, your consumers, and your business partners. 

Think about your brand. Not only when it comes to your company logo, your website or the required service listings, but think about what people will see when they look at your company. Take a look from the eyes of the persons you seek to serve. 

Can you answer these questions?

  • Does your brand signal leading edge?
  • Does your brand signal trust, dependability, safety?
  • Does your brand signal nimble and creative?

The accounts receivable industry has changed through the years, and so has the way we do business in this regulated industry. Keeping up on regulations and development is essential in order to compete. Company brands need to stay relevant and be able to speak to your audiences. 

Technology plays an important role in how your brand identity stays on top, is being perceived and what message you portray. 

Don’t let the fear come into play

The heavy regulatory requirements and litigious climate dominate most discussions. Often, maintaining compliance and adding in proposed rules and case law reflects in your message, which can cause your brand to look stagnant.  

Providing compliant requirements, especially with new digital rules being established this year such as the CFPB NPR, can be overwhelming. But, by enhancing the consumer experience, you will open up the door for more business. One way to face fear and improve your website is to look at the websites that are doing something right.

Here are 10 website examples that follow best practices when it comes to this industry and maintaining compliance. 

Another area feared when it comes to the Accounts Receivable industry is social media. Here are some helpful insights into adding social media when it comes to this diverse and regulated industry of debt collection and accounts receivable.

Taking in the information

The messages we send reflect our brand. Your website must be easy to navigate with content you can easily digest.

Due to the web and social media, we have more information accessible to us coming at faster rates than ever before. To cope with the amount of digital information, we as readers don’t study every message. We scan through. We look for quick images that attract our attention and symbols to make quick judgments and decisions.

As authors and creators, think like the end-user. Develop digestible content with images that can send the right signals to the reader.

Develop digestible content with images that can send the right signals to the reader when it comes to KPIs, reports, ease of use, client portal and on your website.

User-friendly, flexible, and effective technology

With the right debt collection software in place, you will see a lift to your brand. You begin to use system tools and technology solutions that you can be proud to promote, and at the same time work towards improving your brand. This puts your business in a position ready to compete in the long run

Let DAKCS take you through the Beyond Accounts Receivable Management journey where we will build a strategy that fits your needs and focus on what matters to your business.

Let us lead by example and show you the #DAKCSDifference and why it matters in 20/20. Set up a convenient time to speak with our team and have a conversation with us today. 

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