Highly Configurable Dialog Designer + IVR Enhancement

DAKCS has enhanced QwikDial by adding IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to the solution. QwikDial provides you with the tools needed to streamline your business, manage inbound call flow processes, and maintain compliance for payment authorizations. With just a few simple steps and by adding this enhancement within QwikDial, you can allow your software to work for you providing a powerful way to cut operational costs.

Benefits of QwikDial + IVR

Securely Process Payments Over the Phone with IVR Integration

With QwikDial, debtors pay all bills without having to speak with a live representative; providing an entirely secure and hosted, 24/7 agent-less telephone experience. Payments can be submitted over any touchtone phone easily, instantly and securely (PCI compliant) without requiring any type of Internet connection. 

Integrate Predictive Dialing Software With ARM System

Quickly integrate with your ARM system via our powerful and open API, or use the built-in upload and download capabilities of QwikDial to immediately leverage the most robust, predictive dialer software provided to the ARM market.

Powerful Reporting and Scheduling Campaigns

Powerful visual reporting and scheduling campaigns can be queued and reported on. Reporting can be sent daily, monthly or anytime to key qualified recipients.

Graphical Call Campaign Designer

With DAKCS’ dialer software, visually design all your call campaigns ensuring compliance and optimal collection performance.

Preview and Dialing Solution

We are sensitive to regulations regarding cell phone dialing, however, we balance this with the prevalence of your consumers who utilize their cellphones as a primary communication method. QwikDial dialing solution is designed to leverage not only predictive capabilities, but also preview dialing features; ensuring compliance as well as greatly increasing call contacts.

Recorded Calls

AR and debtor’s calls can be automatically recorded and stored in your system allowing for immediate and electronic access.

Lower the Risk for

QwikDial provides intuitive and flexible menu driven options allows PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant IVR Payment Solutions using PDCflow which allows for both Credit/Debit Card and ACH processing for encrypted, tokenized and securely stored payments. Remove the risk on recording credit card information but retain the security. Lock down your payment processes with minimized risk for error.

Our secure, Tier 4 data center, provides PCI compliant, maximum uptime redundancy and security to ensure that your lending and marketing team is able to always stay on the phones or your automated messages are always delivered with no downtime. Importantly, no hardware purchases means that you can grow at the pace of your business without expensive, ongoing capital investments. Leave the hardware, backups, and uptime to us.

Rapid Setup & Minimal Cost

Our simple and transparent pricing model is designed to accommodate for various companies and your business needs. Based on your monthly call volume, you will see a reduction in your cost and improvement on your bottom line. QwikDial with IVR is setup for your specific needs and will grow based on your calling campaigns and usage. With no additional hardware to install, you can be setup and running quickly and efficiently.

Complete Integration

QwikDial’s powerful application programming interface and included upload and download capabilities will provide rapid integration to your existing software application. QwikDial’s simple integration solution will provide you access to the most powerful, predictive and messaging dialing focused inbound IVR available on the market, backed by a company dedicated on providing astonishing customer success.

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