Putting Your Security at the Forefront.

March 25, 2019

DAKCS battens down the hatches to allow customers to have a better night’s sleep.

Commitment to security and compliance have always been integral blocks of the DAKCS DNA and a huge part of the #DAKCSdifference.

In our recent Grow With DAKCS article series we address five main reasons SaaS is important for your business, and we started with Scalability.

This 2nd series article focuses on — Security.

Delivering a secure platform begins with your data. How and where your data is stored, and how it’s presented to those who use it is important. Protecting Personal Identifiable Information or PII is critical. The DAKCS solution provides encryption and masking to help keep your data secure, but we don’t stop there.

Below are more important components of our ongoing commitment to providing end-to-end security for your business.

Announcement of Patented Payment Technology Licensing

When it comes to debt collection software, there is an elephant in the room as we discuss PCI compliance. We know that credit card numbers cannot be stored in your system, and tokenization helps solve this issue.

In many other systems, credit card numbers are still being entered within the system without this technology, which is a violation. DAKCS solves this issue with the help of patented technology provided by PDCflow. The outcome is simply a better way to process cards by offering a true end-to-end PCI compliant solution.

DAKCS Software Systems is one of a very select few debt collection software and ARM platforms to allow complete end-to-end PCI compliance.

Achievement of SSAE18 SOC 2 Attestation

Commitment to security is demonstrated by the actions we take. Delivering on that commitment and providing secure software with ironclad services DAKCS achieved during the SOC 2 Attestation last year. As a result, we couldn’t be more proud.

This was a full team effort of battening down the hatches, defining and honing processes, and committing to best practices and in short, we’re in it for the long haul.

Gary Lee, CIO at Credit Bureau Systems, agrees. “This certification is significant to the Clients who also have SOC accreditation. Having strategic vendors with SOC compliance forms a strong ‘partnership’ in processes and results.”

Inclusion of HIPAA Directly in our Security Scope

Our hospital and medically inclined customers are always concerned with the security and confidentiality of their data. Therefore, as a part of our compliance efforts, we implemented security requirements to prevent, detect, contain, and correct any HIPAA security violations.

In this article we list eleven ways why having a HIPAA focus can benefit your office. We add an outline of nine essential elements for risk analyses.

Announcement of New CTO and Expansion of Development Team

With focus on the technology behind our vast systems, Eric Wahlstrom stepped up from our Development team and into the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role.

With 15 years of industry technology experience, Eric has the right skills to keep DAKCS moving forward. Security and the usability of our products are the primary focus. Similarly, there are plans to expand the development and infrastructure teams to continue this focus.

DAKCS is always searching for better ways to help our customers navigate through the difficulties of running a business, while competing in this demanding industry. Security and compliance are primary focuses as parts of each newly designed feature created.

Exciting announcements coming and you won’t want to miss out on what’s ahead.

DAKCS is available on multiple social platforms. Importantly, by joining our discussions on LinkedIn and Twitter, and by using the #DAKCSdifference on Instagram you’ll learn why we continue this important journey.

Learn about the five reasons for SaaS and how these reasons will improve the future of your business. Our first article discusses Scalability as listed in our InsideARM Whitepaper on the Top 5 Reasons for a SaaS Solution Now.

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