Prepare for Disaster Recovery with Better Communication and a Game Plan

November 15, 2018

Planning ahead is vital to your business.

Planning ahead for disasters is something most don’t want to do. That plan is for not only disaster recovery, but for how your agency will communicate with both clients and consumers. Creating a business continuity plan and collaborating with clients will establish guidelines for maintaining business for those dealing with disasters.

With the hurricane and flooding in the East and fires in the West, natural disasters threaten the lives and livelihood of clients and consumers around the country.

For many families, the last thing they need is a call about a late payment during these horrible events. In addition to a disaster recovery plan to get your business back on its feet, you should create and maintain a business continuity plan well before a disaster might strike.

Implement a Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan details how your agency handles communication with clients and consumers during a disaster or other emergencies. When your clients know what to expect from your agency, they will have confidence that your agency will act with compassion and respect to all involved.

Also, important to note is that each client will have different concerns and needs for their consumers.

Utilize Available Online Resources

An available resource for information on business continuity planning is It offers tools and information to help you make informed choices, constant monitoring, and recommendations for action during many different disaster situations.

Anne Rosso May from Collector Magazine previously wrote about handling consumer communication in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

“Your main goal is to not further inconvenience consumers who live in the affected areas.”

She suggests that you clearly understand what your clients expect from you in these situations. Provide ways to communicate during power and phone failures with your employees, clients, and vendors. Express genuine concern for consumers in the affected areas both on your website and social media channels.

DAKCS Side Note:

Of course, natural disasters are never wished upon anyone. By being prepared both in your communication strategy and business continuity planning… you will be ahead of the rest.

Test your plans and walk through each step so that every person involved will know what to do in the time of need. You can never be “too-prepared.”

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