People Make the Difference

May 8, 2009

Purchasing Accounts Receivable and debt collection software for your agency or law firm is by far the most important decision you make. Designing your space, hiring collectors, contracting new clients are all critical pieces of the pie, but software forms your business’s basic foundation. A foundation that will grow with you and provide the tools necessary for success or a foundation that will inhibit your growth and make moving forward costly, time consuming and frustrating.

The collection software options today can be overwhelming. Search the Internet, read industry newsletters, magazines and blogs, talk to your business networking associates; everyone has an angle.
So what do you do? After all, not only is this decision a critical part of your business plan, it will be a major part of your budget. A mistake can be devastating.

DAKCS Software Systems ( is a company to evaluate as you perform your search. DAKCS has been a leader in the industry for over thirty years. They are proud to enjoy long term business
partnerships with their clients. Currently they have 29 customers that have been part of the DAKCS community for over 25 years. They also have a very low employee turnover rate. As a result, the
company employs a team of industry experts who are available to guide clients through today’s many industry challenges…in a friendly supportive manner.

Equally important, the DAKCS solution whether it be for a small start up or a large existing operation looking for “something better”, has grown and improved over the years based upon input from their
active client community. DAKCS provides a “one stop” shopping solution. The tools for success are all in one package. Along with full feature functionality, automation and flexibility in report and screen design,
the software solution includes remote client access, fully integrating dialing options (web based or turnkey stand alone), voice recording and cell phone scrubbing, a legal package, an integrated payment
portal and DAKCSNet: the infrastructure that allows clients to set up, manage and integrate business relationships with a variety of third party vendors. Through DAKCSNet, clients can accept payments
(credit card, ACH, post dated checks, check 21), obtain credit scores, outsource letters, perform skip tracing; all done on a fully integrated basis.

According to many sales and marketing gurus today, customers buy from people they know, like and trust. Take the time to learn about the DAKCS product and services portfolio, but also get to know the
DAKCS team. They know the industry, they understand the challenges, but most importantly they will be there for you. At DAKCS, people do make the difference.

Deborah Kilroy is a management consultant who specializes in Accounts Receivable management. Ms Kilroy managed large collection call centers as part of her career in the telecommunications industry. She has worked as a call center management consultant and spent several years in sales and marketing positions within the ARM industry. She has a BA in psychology and a MS in Management. 

About Us.
For over 30 years, DAKCS Software Systems has been the leader in simplifying the business of Accounts Receivable and collection management by creating innovative cloud and on premise software solutions. Whether it is first or third party, we simplify your Accounts Receivable, collection management, predictive dialing/IVR, e-payment, client access, self-service and e-signature requirements with elegantly designed, configurable enterprise solutions.

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