Frequently Asked Questions

What are DAKCS' products?

Beyond ARM is our innovative flagship Collection Software and Accounts Receivable Management product.

QwikDial is our predictive dialing software that is integrated in Beyond ARM and is also capable of easily being integrated with other existing ARM systems to collect debt of any type. QwikDial allows you to create campaigns, record calls, generate reports, process payments, and much more.

What vendors does Beyond work with?

We play nice and work with many vendors. Click here to see a list of some of our partners.

Does your software provide multi-channel communication for consumers?

Our system offers the ability to dial your consumers through our QwikDial product, email consumers with QwikContact, accept payments on an inbound IVR, and log into a web portal to take and setup payment arrangements. We also offer Regulation E compliance through our QwikFlow product.

Do you offer a hosted solution?

We offer a complete hosted solution with OS updates, DAKCS updates, system maintenance, hourly backups, and full monitoring included.

Does your software allow for workflow configurability?

With DAKCS you have complete control over your workflows and processes. The system is designed to work for you instead of against you. We're big on configurability and it's one of our most valuable features.

Is your system flexible enough to allow me to adapt for new clients and lines of business?

The decision making capabilities that are built into our automation tools make it easy to incorporate new lines of business to help your agency grow.

With compliance being a moving target, will your software allow me to adapt to the regulations of our industry?

Our system comes with the tools necessary to create compliance tracking files and fields within the database. These can then be added to your existing workflows to ensure you are following the regulations and maintain a compliant collection process.

Do your users have a voice as to how your software should perform?

We have many avenues for our users to communicate with us as their software provider as well as with one another. This includes the customer login on our website were you will find valuable information and the ability to submit suggestions or comments for both DAKCS and other DAKCS users to view and comment on.

Does your system help guide the collector through the workflow process or is it manual?

We have the ability to automate the collector workflow on the action line while the collector is working the accounts. Our configurable actions allow your system to handle data validation and make intelligent decisions on the account to ensure the collectors are presented with the appropriate action items in the system. You can also take automated steps if the accounts meet a specified criteria.

How does your system handle different types of business?

We can classify business within the DAKCS System with different types of debt, up to 99 different business classes, and with user defined classification fields. You can also create multiple companies within the DAKCS environment in the situation that you need to keep different lines of business completely separate.

Does DAKCS have an integrated dialer?

We offer a complete dialer product through QwikDial. This allows for inbound and outbound dialing. QwikDial comes with a soft phone that can be integrated with your phone system. The dialer is integrated directly with our software which allows you to setup automated processes based off calling results and full reporting. We also provide features that allow you to identify and handle cell phone numbers in your system.

Can I automate my own business processes in your system?

With DAKCS you have complete control over your workflows and processes. The ability to automate these processes and incorporate real time decision making will ensure accounts are moving through the correct flows within your agency.

Do you offer a web portal for consumer payments?

Our web portal offers the ability for your consumers to log in at any time and make either a onetime payment or setup a payment arrangement.

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