We are proud of our long standing culture.  It is a key differentiator among our competitors, part of the value proposition that we bring to the markets that we focus on and is one of our strongest recruiting tools.  Our core values cited below are not simply copied from an employee manual, we live our culture everyday.  Before partnering with any other firm, we encourage you to learn more about how our culture has benefited our customers over the past 30 years.

Quick Facts

Our Core Values

Our Mission:  To create an environment that enhances the lives of those that work here and those whom we serve, accomplished through challenges, opportunities and results.

Open Environment
Our open working environment made up of top down transparency, “brutal honesty” (professionally provided) in our interactions and employee freedom has allowed us to attract and retain amazing talent.
Integrity is paramount in each interaction with our customers, partners, peers and employees.  We hope to inspire honest interactions and trust by saying what we mean, aligning our actions to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.
Heart & Innovation
Our products and services are not “coded”, they are crafted with innovation, heart and pride.
Customer Service
We seek to provide astonishing, “do whatever it takes” customer service in every engagement that we make with our customers and partners.
Creating positive change is a commitment we make in order to improve our company, our products and our environment.
Playing, Keeping Score and Celebrating as a Team
If winning isn’t important why does everyone spend so much money keeping score?  We work hard, play hard, keep score, win and celebrate as a team.
Without the element of risk, the innovations, progress and success we have had in our market would not have been attained.  We provide a culture of risk taking and celebrate the lessons learned from a fail fast culture.