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For over 35 years, DAKCS Software Systems has remained a leader in simplifying the process of Accounts Receivable and collection management by creating innovative cloud and on-premise collection agency management software solutions.

Whether it is first or third party, we simplify your Accounts Receivable, collection management, predictive dialing/IVR, e-payment, client access, self-service and e-signature requirements with elegantly designed, configurable enterprise solutions.

Headquartered in Ogden, Utah in the heart of the majestic Wasatch Mountains, DAKCS Software Systems was founded in the early 1980s. Having collection agency experience our founder recognized the emerging power of computer technology and the need to automate paper driven agency operations. As a result, a new and exciting collections software product was created. Over the years, DAKCS has successfully developed and evolved its product portfolio to meet the ever changing demands of the Accounts Receivable management industry.

DAKCS prides itself in being a “customer centric” organization. Therefore, the primary focus is the development of innovative, creative solutions designed to keep our customer base on the leading edge of technology.

At DAKCS, customer relationships are very important.  Our culture of listening to and working closely with our customers to understand and develop solutions that meet and exceed expectations is a differentiating advantage. The benefits of the partnership approach are improved profitability through smart integration, software that is easy to use and train, flexibility to mold the system to the way our customers work, and friendly responsive help from experts who know and understand the business. In a recent customer survey, customers were unanimous…DAKCS Software's dynamic product portfolio coupled with unparalleled customer service clearly separate DAKCS from the competition.

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