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Currently, we are exploring new opportunities in adjacent and vertical markets and have targeted healthcare as a market of interest. We have contracted Anthony Ulwick founder of Strategyn, an innovation consulting firm and author of the book “What Customers Want” to assist us in this exploration.

Our plan is to hold a one-day workshop to dive into the challenges facing the billing office of hospitals and/or clinics.

What qualifications are we looking for?
Individuals with a good working knowledge of the billing operations in hospitals and/or clinics.
Knowledge should include process flow of the patient responsibility process and what the key challenges are in defining successful service.

Knowledge of Early-Out Self-Pay (EOSP), Insurance Regulatory requirements/challenges, Balance liquidation, Charity Screening, and Medicaid eligibility.

What’s in it for you?
An opportunity to learn about Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI) from the creator of the concept. Who has worked with many large corporations including Bosch, Colgate-Palmolive, Hewlett-Packard, Ingersoll Rand, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Microsoft, and Motorola to implement ODI.

  • A Free Lunch, a copy of Tony’s book “What Customers Want and $500 cash.
  • A unique experience getting to know some really fun and interesting people in the ARM Software business!

If you have the expertise above and this project is of interest please contact me to discuss the details. If you know others who may have the expertise and interest please feel free to forward this email along to them as well. We have 3 positions currently open. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me direct. I look forward to your reply.