DAKCS Software Systems Releases Major Upgrade to Cloud Based QwikDial Predictive Dialer Software

June 3, 2014

Ogden, Utah, June 3, 2014  — DAKCS Software Systems (DAKCS), a provider of innovative cloud and on premise software solutions for the Accounts Receivable and collection management industry, has released a major upgrade to its contact optimization service, QwikDial.

qwd330The features of this QwikDial release will be highlighted in a June 19th, 2014, 10:00am MDT complimentary webinar that is open to existing and potential DAKCS customers.

This latest upgrade to QwikDial was designed to optimize collection success, improve ease-of-use and help first party and third party collection organizations more effectively execute dialing campaigns.

QwikDial accomplishes this and continues to increase call contacts by 300% as a result of the following new features:

  • Web-Based Dialog Designer:  Call campaign administrators can now  set up their call campaigns graphically through a browser based drag-and-drop dialog designer.
  • Advanced Predictive Dialing:  Using advanced statistical algorithms, QwikDial minimizes agent wait times and optimizes the contact rate based on the number of calling resources and available lines.
  • Advanced Preview Dialing:  Advanced preview dialing capabilities allow for intelligent account interaction for agents. Prior to calling the consumer, account preview information is displayed to the agent allowing for intelligent interaction, ensuring cellphone and state restriction compliancy.
  • Intelligent Call Detection:  QwikDial provides more rapid, accurate and intelligent call type detection (i.e. operator intercept, busy, no answer), greatly improving contact rates.
  • Campaign Maintenance: Call campaign administrators can now modify line count and the caller-id number and block cell-phones, multi-contacts and out-of-area calling all at the campaign level and on the fly.
  • Call Group Management:  QwikDial can now determine what agents are available and those that have been inactive the longest in a particular call group.
  • Easy IP Based PBX integration:  QwikDial can now more easily be integrated with any IP based PBX, allowing agents to receive and place calls via their local IP based PBX.  In addition to reducing agent console equipment and multiple headsets, this level of integration allows QwikDial to intelligently determine when the agent is available regardless where the call was initiated.

“A primary focus is to drive down costs through automation, reduce expensive and on-premise hardware and to more effectively utilize existing calling resources,” said DAKCS President, Lex Patterson. “We designed this latest release of QwikDial to give our customers an even greater advantage by building in more cost-savings, while improving ease-of-use. These enhancements help reach the right people at the right time in the most efficient manner possible, and, most importantly, adhere to the strict regulations that govern our industry.”

Always a leader and technology innovator in the Accounts Receivable and collections management space,  DAKCS Software Systems first released early versions of their dialing technology in 1984.

For more information, or to arrange an online demonstration visit our QwikDial page.

For over 30 years, DAKCS Software Systems has been a leader in simplifying the business of Accounts Receivable and collection management by creating innovative cloud and on premise software solutions.

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