Introducing New Hybrid, Usage Based Cell Phone Scrubbing Service

August 15, 2011

DAKCS Software Systems, in partnership with Contact Center Compliance (CCC) of Santa Rosa, California has announced a new hybrid cell phone scrubbing solution for their integrated dialer: VIC. This usage based program is designed to provide a cost effective way to address the current challenges associated with the current TCPA regulations prohibiting auto-dialer initiated calls to cell phones. Last year, DAKCS introduced a flat fee based cell phone scrubbing product that worked for many clients, but left others asking for more. In cooperation with the CCC compliance team, DAKCS is now able to offer a program that works with a wide variety of client requirements.

According to Lex Patterson, DAKCS president, “As a long time customer centric organization, we continue to work with our clients to provide them with the products and services they need when they need them. We understand the challenges associated with the TCPA regulations. Through our close partnership with CCC, we have now created a cell phone scrub solution that will work for all of our stand-alone, integrated VIC dialer customers. We have already addressed and included cell phone scrubbing for our web based dialing product: Vocality. Today we are pleased to be able to provide an effective cell phone scrub service for all of our dialer clients.

Ryan Thurman, Contact Center Compliance’s Director of Sales and Marketing added, “Managing wireless compliance in an era of increased enforcement is extremely risky without a reliable solution and proven expertise. Having a real-time solution integration with DAKCS dialer provides the ultimate in failsafe protection to minimize the risk of calling cell phones that can change daily. We are excited to evolve our partnership with DAKCS to offer a cost effective and easy to implement solution.”

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