DAKCS Software Systems welcomes RMA Collections of Rockford, Illinois

May 9, 2014

We welcome RMA Collections and their 25 users to the 10,000+ user-strong DAKCS Software Systems family. RMA collections went live with the Beyond ARM applications the first week of March, joining other long-standing Illinois customers. RMA Collections has operated for over 70 years from its corporate headquarters in Rockford, Illinois.

groupwhitebackgroundRMA Collections moved from the Bloodhound, Accounts Receivable management (ARM) system provided by Roydan.  As part of the go-live, DAKCS custom development team performed an electronic data conversion to move over 10 years of historical data into the Beyond ARM application and provided several interfaces to facilitate the filing of account information from RMA clients.

“Getting our customers rapidly live and able to get a return on their investment is critical and acts as a celebration point,” said Lex Patterson, President of DAKCS. “RMA Collections is an excellent example of customer buy-in, and those seeing the value in a full service implementation. Their internal team worked closely with the DAKCS project team to develop and deliver a focused go-live schedule.”

RMA Collections is currently using the Beyond ARM application to manage the collection of their medical, government, and delinquent check collections.  They are also leveraging the hosted QwikClient application, providing immediate and secure debt portfolio web access for their clients, and are also utilizing the QwikDial application for predictive and preview dialing.scottandportiawhitebackground

“Anyone who has gone through a software conversion anticipates there will be a ‘learning curve’,” said Portia Williams, Manager of Operations and Beyond ARM administrator.  “Prior to conversion the DAKCS team set up web-based training sessions, which alleviated some of our conversions concerns and gave RMA an advantage that put us further beyond the ‘learning curve’.  The DAKCS team has been there to assist us with all aspects of our daily business operations from the simple tasks to the more complex procedures.  We are looking forward to the continued development of our partnership with DAKCS, with great anticipation for the future.”

Welcome aboard, RMA Collections! We are excited to have you join the family.

For over 30 years, DAKCS Software Systems has been a leader in simplifying the business of Accounts Receivable and collection management by creating innovative cloud and on premise software solutions.

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