DAKCS Software Systems Releases Voicemail Drop Feature to QwikDial to Help Reach Consumers

November 8, 2018

Ogden, Utah, November 8, 2018 — DAKCS Software Systems (DAKCS), a provider of innovative cloud and on premise software solutions for the Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Collection industry, has released a new feature to help reach consumers in its contact optimization service, QwikDial.

Voicemail Drop was designed to save your invaluable time, the time of your agents, and to increase contact rates with consumers. In high-volume contact center environments, agents often leave up to 150 voicemails in a single day. At an average of 30 seconds a voicemail, this can take up to 25 hours of an individual agent’s time each month. For a team of ten agents, that’s 250 hours. But with Voicemail Drop tools, agents can gain much of that time back.

Many customers use Voicemail Drop as a way to reach consumers via cell phone without placing a phone call, which can mitigate some risk involved. Full integration allows easy setup and management of campaigns. Built-in tracking allows you to monitor how Voicemail Drops affect your bottom line.

Deliver A Consistent Message

Voicemail Drop systems also present other advantages:

Consistency—Messages are prerecorded which provides the agency total control over each messaged delivered, taking away human error.

—Using prerecorded voicemails ensures that every voicemail message sounds perfect and lively. Agents often sound less enthusiastic toward the ends of their workdays after leaving many manual voicemail messages.

—Using prerecorded voicemails enables managers to test which voicemail messages get the most responses. This data can help reps optimize agents’ communication.

—Prerecorded voicemails can be framed around campaigns to enable speed while also maintaining a degree of compliance while attempting to resolve the account.

Feedback from early adopters:

“The integration with our system gives us more flexibility, better account flow, and improved follow up processes.”

“This has been a very good change. Our contacts and payments have increased.”

“Our collection staff loves the increased inbound activity. We are getting people who actually want to talk to us!”

Voicemail Drop gives you back your Voice. For more information about Voicemail Drop, check out our recent blog or to arrange an online demonstration visit here.


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