DAKCS Software Systems Introduces New AR / Debtor Portal – QwikContact

April 24, 2012

During their second annual Virtual Client Conference held August 22nd and 24th, DAKCS Software Systems announced their latest SaaS offering, QwikContact, a completely integrated solution designed for DAKCS clients to send emails to debtors through a secure, interactive process that ensures debtor privacy. All agencies notices with viable email addresses will be sent to the QwikSolve Enterprise Suite portal, where email notification and subsequent interactive self identification steps, the debtor will be able to access the portal and retrieve their notices.

According to Lex Patterson, President of DAKCS, “We believe that QwikContact is a solution with limitless potential for our clients. We recognize that the only sure method of reaching a debtor today is through email and cell phones. We have created a unique design that meets regulatory requirements for debtor privacy yet allows our agencies to start experiencing the benefits of email contact. Our new portal, QwikSolve, will evolve over the next year as an exciting and innovative solution for our clients. It will provide them with a range of secure options to connect with debtors over the Internet, saving them time and money.

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