DAKCS Software Systems introduces Doug Tolton as Chief Technology Officer.

March 28, 2016

DAKCS Software Systems introduces Doug Tolton as DAKCS’ Chief Technology Officer.

Ogden, Utah, March 28, 2016 – DAKCS Software Systems, an industry leader in Accounts Receivable management and debt collection software for over 30 years, takes great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Doug Tolton as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Doug comes to DAKCS with over ten years of experience leading the technology and development efforts of technology companies including: Rakuten MediaForge, Select Portfolio Servicing, Alliance Health, and Contexo Media. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Weber State University and an MBA from the University of Utah. Doug Tolton brings years of experience delivering product and technology innovation and managing development teams with a focus on product quality and customer needs. He will be an influential and crucial member of the DAKCS team moving forward.

When asked why the transition to DAKCS, Doug stated, “After meeting the executive and management teams, I was excited about DAKCS’ culture and team environment. It was apparent that there are new opportunities and growth occurring both at DAKCS and in the Accounts Receivable management market.”

Doug’s professional background in banking and experience in building, managing and evolving large scale, redundant and fault tolerant distributed systems will be leveraged as DAKCS evolves the current Beyond ARM application and provided customer focused solutions to the Accounts Receivable market; particularly with more and more DAKCS customers deploying hosted solutions.

“We’re excited to add Doug’s experience to our team as we move forward in helping our customers increase the velocity of recovery while minimizing the risk of non-compliance,” says Lex Patterson, President of DAKCS.

DAKCS Software believes in the core philosophy “To create an environment that enhances the lives of those that work here and to those whom we serve, accomplished by challenges, opportunities and results.” DAKCS takes pride in cultivating a culture that transfers the philosophy into the partnerships it has built with clients over the years. Many of DAKCS’ clients have been loyal supporters with over 25+ years partnerships, but with longevity, comes change.

With additions of new partners and new DAKCS team members such as Doug Tolton, DAKCS is looking forward to putting focus on the core company, building innovation and strategies, developing new technologies while enhancing our current, and listening to customers’ needs and feedback.

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For over 30 years, DAKCS Software Systems has remained a constant leader in simplifying the process of Accounts Receivable management and collection software by creating integrated and innovative cloud and on-premise solutions. Whether it is first or third party, DAKCS simplifies your Accounts Receivable and debt collection management and provides predictive dialing/IVR, e-payment, credit and risk scoring, secured client access, self-service and e-signature needs with elegantly designed, configurable enterprise solutions.