DAKCS Software Systems Introduces a New Cloud Based Dialing Solution

October 19, 2010

DAKCS Software Systems a leader in the accounts receivable management industry, has introduced their latest software service solution; Vocality.

Vocality, a web/SaaS based dialing solution, is completely integrated with all DAKCS Software. There are no uploads and downloads.

This simple to use, pay as you go program is a messaging system with link back that includes voice recording and cell phone scrubbing options. The Vocality product includes all the great features of the DAKCS award winning turnkey dialer/IVR system, VIC, at a price that makes automated dialing an easier and more cost effective way to contact high volumes of debtors.

According to Lex Patterson, President of DAKCS Software Systems, “We are pleased to introduce our newest software solution: Vocality. We have offered a standalone dialing solution for many years, but we recognized that many customers were looking for something that was simple and had a different pricing structure. We created Vocality to meet those requirements. Our clients are using Vocality to enhance the functionality of their existing dialer or as a new way to manage their account volumes. Customers can actually monitor their costs on a real time basis and make usage decisions based upon the actual costs incurred to date. We also offer a dedicated, product specific support team who assist with the initial set up as well as with ongoing changes and modifications. Through the use of a web based user interface, our clients can log on to the Vocality website and take control of the entire dialing process. They can start, stop and schedule campaigns all through the web. Vocality is meeting and exceeding our customer expectations. As a customer centric organization, the DAKCS team focuses on providing innovative solutions that keep our clients consistently ahead of the competition.”

About Us.
For over 30 years, DAKCS Software Systems has been the leader in simplifying the business of Accounts Receivable and collection management by creating innovative cloud and on premise software solutions.

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