DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. Announces QwikFlow Document Signature

November 20, 2018

Ogden, Utah, November 20, 2018 — DAKCS Software Systems has integrated payments into our QwikFlow signature process allowing agencies to send a consumer a SMS text or email with a link to our signature flow process. This allows agencies to obtain signatures and payments in a seamless flow.

QwikFlow Document Signature utilizes a customizable document created in DAKCS’ Report Designer, written for a specific consumer request. Then we create an overlay designed to capture signatures, dates, and comments electronically. Agents can request documents at the action line, sending consumers the document while on the phone with them and can walk them through the process.

Danai Griffin of Delta Management Associates made the switch from DocuSign. “With DAKCS, the integration is fantastic. The document gets signed electronically and is attached to the account right in the system. No way for anything to get lost. And it’s even cheaper than Docusign. The return of investment on time management alone is in the ninety percentile.”

DAKCS President Lex Patterson believes this enhancement will expand customer’s capability to engage with the consumer in a fully integrated way at a better price point than what was previously available, setting them apart from the competition and improving profitability.  

“We absolutely love the signature piece DAKCS has to offer.” Danai added.

Consumers click on the link in the SMS text or email, enter a simple PIN to access the flow, are shown the document, can sign or make comments depending on the overlay, and can even be directed to make a payment. Each stage of a flow is captured separately, so if a consumer doesn’t complete the payment, the signed document is still captured.

The documents can be accessed in the Flow Document Viewer in Beyond ARM on the consumer screen. Agents can check the status of a document signature request, view the document, and resend if needed.


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