DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. Announces Click-to-Call

November 19, 2019
Click and collect Neon Lights on black wall.

Ogden, Utah — Today, debt collection and ARM software technology leader DAKCS Software Systems announces Click-to-Call, a manual dialing solution for calling consumers. Click-to-Call introduces a human review process before a call is placed. Many Collection call centers are concerned about the regulatory implications of calling cell numbers with dialers or outbound IVRs.

This new tool allows DAKCS customers to step up agent productivity and compliance to deal with both challenges.

“Qualifying accounts that will be called or attempted to be called in a given time frame is the way to ensure human intervention,” says Eric Wahlstrom, CTO at DAKCS. “Accounts are placed in a review queue which will be presented to a new type of user, a clicker.”

The clicker logs into the Click-to-Call service and evaluates the needs of the calling floor based on the number of available agents ready to accept a call and the number of available calls that can be placed. Then, one by one, the clicker agent clicks on a contact to send that call into the system to dial. The calls are then processed normally, using the dialogs and workflow.

Our customers noticed a huge difference right out of the chute, stating that they found it almost doubled their contacts on outbound calls.

“The floor is buzzing with collectors talking to people, and because we don’t leave messages, we are getting a lot of return calls. We’re excited about this compliant option to get people on the phone for our collectors.”

DAKCS continues to work with its clients to create optimal solutions to real-world issues. Calling consumers is a system full of pitfalls and warning sirens, but is an essential part of the collection process.

Click-to-Call is another tool to reach consumers to help them resolve their debt and minimize the risk associated with calling cell phones.


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