DAKCS Software introduces Senior Account Executive, Tony Carrasco to the team

January 7, 2016

DAKCS Software introduces Tony Carrasco, former CSS IMPACT Director of Business Development as DAKCS’ Senior Account Executive.

Ogden, Utah, January 7, 2016 – DAKCS Software Systems takes great pleasure in introducing Tony Carrasco as the new Senior Account Executive for the Western Region. Tony Carrasco, our new Senior Account Executive is based outside of Los Angeles, California. Tony most recently held the position of Director of Business Development with CSS IMPACT for the last four years. Tony, with over 15 years veteran of sales, client relations and business planning experience is a key addition to the DAKCS team.

When asked why the transition from CSS IMPACT to DAKCS, Tony stated, “I was drawn to DAKCS because of their corporate culture and their level of customer service.”

“We’re excited to add Tony’s experience to our team as we move forward in helping our customers increase the velocity of recovery while minimizing the risk of non-compliance,” says Lex Patterson, President of DAKCS.

DAKCS Software, an industry leader in Accounts Receivable management and debt collection software for over 35 years, continues to live by the philosophy, “To create an environment that enhances the lives of those that work here and to those whom we serve, accomplished by challenges, opportunities and results.” DAKCS’ company culture is important and long standing with the finding that employees are the biggest asset. With longevity in tenure, many of the employees have 10+ years of experience with a combined 300+ years of employee experience.

DAKCS not only embraces the ability to maintain a lasting employer and employee cohesive relationship, the company takes pride in cultivating a culture that transfers the philosophy into the partnerships it has built with clients over the years. Many of DAKCS’ clients have been loyal constant supporters with over 25+ years partnerships. We take pride in that longevity, and with that comes change. 2015 was a solid year for new DAKCS clients. While working hard on data conversions and software implementations, DAKCS had introduced itself to exciting new customers who we know will build those partnerships for a long time to come.

With additions of new partners and employees such as Tony Carrasco, DAKCS is excited for what is to come in 2016 and looking forward to the year ahead.

For over 30 years, DAKCS Software Systems has remained a constant leader in simplifying the process of Accounts Receivable management and collection software by creating integrated and innovative cloud and on-premise solutions.

Whether it is first or third party, DAKCS simplifies your Accounts Receivable and debt collection management and provides predictive dialing/IVR, e-payment, credit and risk scoring, secured client access, self-service and e-signature needs with elegantly designed, configurable enterprise solutions.