DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. and Palinode Join Forces for Seamless e-OSCAR Dispute Process

July 11, 2019
DAKCS and Sonnet Integration

Ogden, Utah — Today, debt collection and ARM software technology leader DAKCS Software Systems is excited to announce a partnership with Palinode to integrate Sonnet with DAKCS’ debt collection software solution.

This partnership provides DAKCS’ Beyond ARM customers full access and integration to Sonnet, which helps achieve dispute resolution quickly, increases productivity and reduces human error with the e-OSCAR (Online Solution for Complete and Accurate Reporting) and direct dispute workflow. 

Palinode, a leading provider of credit dispute resolution technology, provides DAKCS customers with an automated credit dispute resolution system, supporting compliance with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations for “reasonable investigation.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with DAKCS, allowing their customers easy access to Sonnet and all of the productivity and compliance benefits of the connected platforms,” said Joe Storey, President/CEO of Palinode.

DAKCS continues to open up integration to better serve its customer base. When integrated into the Beyond ARM system, Sonnet by Palinode will make the process seamless for our shared customers to manage disputes via e-OSCAR, the online dispute-resolution tool used by the three major credit bureaus.

Enhancing system integration options to improve our customer’s bottom line is a key target for DAKCS,” said Lex Patterson, DAKCS President. “Addressing and managing disputes is a major pain point for our customers. This partnership will deliver compliance and efficiency in a streamlined solution. We welcome Palinode to the DAKCS family and look forward to a strong partnership.”


About DAKCS Software Systems
DAKCS Software Systems is an industry leader in simplifying the process of collections and accounts receivable management. By creating highly configurable, innovative cloud and on-premise software solutions, DAKCS offers a way to run your business faster and more efficient.

For 35+ years, DAKCS has delivered on service, automation, and flexibility in one central collection software platform for all types of business. Contact us today to arrange a demo or call us at (800) 873-2527.

About Palinode
Palinode is a software provider serving the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. The Palinode team has a proven history of creating revolutionary systems to synthesize large amounts of data in ways that exponentially increase speed, accuracy, compliance, and ultimately: profitability. 

Sonnet is an effective automated credit dispute resolution system. Sonnet empowers fast and accurate processing of vast numbers of disputes in a way that ensures compliance and clearly demonstrates “reasonable investigation” through comprehensive documentation and reporting that shows disputes are truly resolved. Set up your free demo today.