Latest and Greatest Features in QwikDial, DAKCS’ Contact Solution Software

October 8, 2018

Reasons Why This Product Benefits Your Business.

DAKCS Software Systems is proud to announce we’ve added new features to our Contact Software Solution: QwikDial. We listened to our customer base about the problems they were experiencing when contacting consumers. From those challenges, we discovered additional features that could make the contact process a little better.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be presenting more details about each feature, including a problem/solution breakdown on the DAKCS’ blog each Tuesday. We plan on continuing the discussion on LinkedIn and other social media channels, answering any questions and sharing success stories. 

Here is a highlight of each feature:

Voicemail Drop

Place voicemail messages directly into a consumer’s voice mailbox without placing a call. These placed messages will help generate callbacks and, using a unique DID. Our customers are using this method as a way to reach consumers via cell phone.

Full integration allows easy setup and management of campaigns, and includes built-in tracking to monitor how voicemail drops affect your business. Read more here about Voicemail Drop in QwikDial.

Dynamic Caller ID 

Show a local telephone number on consumer’s caller ID based on that consumer’s area code. Pushing a local caller ID improves contact rates, and can help avoid spam blocking measures.  You can purchase an unlimited number in the area codes you use the most to ensure an increased number of call backs, with built-in reporting and tracking.

Call Blending 

Agents can now receive calls from specific campaigns, including inbound-calls, while working their regular dialing campaign. With product integration, Beyond ARM will alert collectors with the details of where the call originated, so they can speak seamlessly to what the consumer is expecting to hear.

Call Blending will increase the productivity of your agents by seamlessly switching between inbound and outbound calling and more effectively routing calls to qualified agents. An addition benefit is capturing call recordings on these calls.

Email and Texting

Send out a text or email containing a payment link to consumers. This feature can be used in both messaging and predictive campaigns. Perhaps is most effective use of email and texting is when utilizing QwikDial’s IVR.

The consumer will initiate the text or email being sent to them in order to get the payment link to make a payment. This process can increase revenue without a productivity loss.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about QwikDial and what this product has to offer to you and your business. Let 2019 become a year of change and growth by implementing new automation and processes into your system.

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