Government Collections

Cities, counties, and states budgets are stretched more than ever making government collections a priority. Beyond | Government collections software is highly configurable to help you and your collection teams rapidly recover your delinquent accounts, while maintaining your critical compliance requirements.

Industry proven and focused government collections software.


Benefits of Government Collections Software

One Vendor Government Solution

Beyond | Government collections software includes all of the components to automate your agency. Our accounts receivable and collection management software for government agencies is an all-in-one solution featuring capabilities such as predictive dialing, e-signature, e-payment, and more without any additional upfront costs.

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Powerful Configuration Capabilities

Government operations have different requirements for accounts receivables and collections compared to typical businesses. DAKCS addresses these unique needs in Beyond | Government – an extremely government-friendly collection system that adapts to your current procedures so that you don’t have to change.

From tax, utility, medical, student loan, or workers compensation debt, strong workflows and business guidelines are simple to create based on any type of debt you may need to manage.

Beyond | Government debt collection software provides those familiar with your existing procedures all the tools to easily manage your system. With the ability to set up various business and workflow capabilities, employees with any type of job can configure the system for their jobs’ functions. The powerful configuration tools allow for a rapid go-live to ensure that you quickly gain the benefits of your investment.

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Use our Private Cloud Server or Your Servers

If your government agency does not have the means to manage Beyond | Government, you can install the system on our secure cloud server. If you choose to do so, we’ll manage any backups and updates to hardware or software. We’ll also provide any necessary server and database software.

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Enforce Judgments, Improve Compliance & Collection Rates

Legislation enacted in California, Oregon, Florida, and Texas increases accountability for government for fine enforcement and compliance issues. The Beyond | Government collection management system leverages the over 30 years of ARM sector experience DAKCS has by employing aligned principles and business practices utilized by the private sector, such as payment plan creation, agency definable notices and legal templates, integrated and compliant predictive dialing technology and much more.

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Included Features of Beyond | Government

We provide evolving, elegant and customer-centric accounts receivable and collections management software for the public sector. Our industry recognized Beyond | Government application and the individual components of our QwikSolve | Enterprise Solution Suite solve the unique accounts receivable and collection management needs of tax and other government collection unique needs. Importantly, this allows them to greatly reduce days in collections and operate within your budget.


Solution Impact