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A system with rule-based automation, calculations for fees and penalties, and data interchange

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Collections Software for Government Organizations

Government organizations need to adjust​ operations in order to address changes in regulatory requirements, rising costs of operations, and the increase of past due receivables​. Beyond ARM can provide the necessary tools to address any AR/collection need while increasing productivity and decreasing overall costs. With a software solution that is actively developed, flexible, and reasonably priced, DAKCS has become an extremely government-friendly collection system that adapts to your current procedures and enhances your efforts.

What we can do for you

Accounts Receivable Management Dialing Solutions Software Secure AR Debtor Communication Bill and Document Presentment Credit Card and ACH Processing Authenticated E-Signature Collection Agency Client Communication Credit and Risk Reporting

Compliance and Security

DAKCS Software Systems has completed a SOC 2 attestation. By completing this audit, DAKCS’ proves dedication to data security, accountability to customers, and the highest standard expectations. Your software is protected by the highest level of security and compliance measures.

Powerfully Configurable

Our configurable solution addresses the unique Government needs including business rule based workflow automation, fully integrated document storage and management, fee/penalty calculation and tracking, and electronic data interchange. DAKCS addresses these unique needs in Beyond Government – an extremely government-friendly collection system that adapts to and enhances your current procedures.

One Vendor Government Solution

Beyond Government collections software includes all of the components to automate your Accounts Receivable needs. Our accounts receivable and collection management software for government collections is an all-in-one solution featuring capabilities such as e-signature and e–payment capabilities, credit and risk scoring, multi-channel contact including, Dialing, IVR, SMS Text, email and letter outsourcing, secure cloud client access, and secure cloud AR/debtor communication.

Secure Cloud or On-Premise

If your government agency does not have the means to manage Beyond Government, you can install the system on our secure cloud server. If you choose to do so, we’ll manage any backups and updates to hardware or software enhancing security, business continuity and network and system operations.

Enforce Judgments & Improve Compliance and Collection Rates

Legislation enacted in California, Oregon, Florida, and Texas increases accountability for government for fine enforcement and compliance issues. The Beyond Government collection management system leverages the over 30 years of ARM sector experience DAKCS has by employing aligned principles and business practices utilized by the private sector, such as payment plan creation, agency definable notices and legal templates, integrated and compliant predictive dialing technology and much more.


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