How to Choose the Best Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Collection Software for Your Collection Agency

July 16, 2009

Debt collection software should allow access to information for clients, and also have tools that make the process more efficient which ultimately leads to more collections. DAKCS Software Systems provides Account Receivables management and collection agency software.

Debt collection software should automate and streamline collections and the administration process, with the ultimate goal being to contact debtors and collect money. Accounts Receivable management is a highly competitive field, and debt collection software needs to keep up with changes in the industry and the needs of clients. In the debt collection industry, there is much time and effort from agents spent on non-revenue producing tasks. Debt collection software can help agents focus on collecting debts, while giving clients easy access to vital information.

Management tools offered in software that allows agents to focus on collections are imperative for simplifying the process. Debt collection software should offer a central control function so that information can be easily viewed and accessed in real time about clients, collections, and company information. Software is available that allows access to information by collection agents and clients to view portfolios. It can also allow remote payments, status report viewing, and collection statistics. This makes the process more efficient by allowing agents to maximize their time focusing on collections.

There are other tools in debt collection software that make the collections process even more resourceful. Reaching the correct person can be a time consuming step in the collections business. Having a system using a dialog that can quickly verify the right party can be used to save time making contacts. Additional features of these systems include the dialing of alternate phone numbers while collectors are working on other accounts, so that the next person to communicate with is ready. These features allow more calls to be addressed, and ultimately leads to more collections.

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