How Company Culture Makes the Difference?

October 28, 2015

Purchasing your Accounts Receivable management and debt collection software for your company is by far the most important decision you can make. After all, not only is this decision a critical part of your business plan, it will be a major part of your financial budget with the cost on system training, user licenses, monthly software as a service fees (SaaS) and turn around time to get up and running accordingly. A mistake or choice that doesn’t suit your needs can be detrimental to your business.

Designing your space, hiring collectors, and contracting new clients are all critical pieces of the pie, but software forms basic foundation of the business. Choosing software will become your foundation that will grow with you and provide the tools necessary for success or it will be a foundation that will inhibit your growth and make moving forward costly, time consuming and frustrating. This process all together is frustrating. By taking the time to research the Internet, read industry newsletters, learn more about who industry and thought leaders are by magazine promotions and blogs, you learn more about who you choose as your partners.

DAKCS Software Systems is a company that can enhance and assist you on evaluation and research of your decision. DAKCS has been a thought leader in the industry for over 30 years. DAKCS takes pride in our long-term business partnerships with our amazing and loyal clients. Currently there are over 35 clients who have been part of the DAKCS community for over 30 years. That speaks volume to the clients we introduce to DAKCS and who have stayed with us as we continue to grow and develop in the industry today.

Our mission at DAKCS – “To create an environment that enhances the lives of those that work here and those whom we serve, accomplished through challenges, opportunities and results.”

Our core values say a lot about who we are.

  • Open Environment.Our open working environment made up of top down transparency, “brutal honesty” (professionally provided) in our interactions and employee freedom has allowed us to attract and retain amazing talent.
  • Integrity. Integrity is paramount in each interaction with our customers, partners, peers and employees. We hope to inspire honest interactions and trust by saying what we mean, aligning our actions to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Heart & Innovation. Our products and services are not “coded”, they are crafted with innovation, heart and pride.
  • Customer Service. We seek to provide astonishing, “do whatever it takes” customer service in every engagement that we make with our customers and partners.
  • Change. Creating positive change is a commitment we make in order to improve our company, our products and our environment.
  • Playing, Keeping Score and Celebrations as a Team. If winning isn’t important why does everyone spend so much money keeping score? We work hard, play hard, keep score, win and celebrate as a team.
  • Risk. Without the element of risk, the innovations, progress and success we have had in our market would not have been attained. We provide a culture of risk taking and celebrate the lessons learned from a fail fast culture.

Because of our purpose, core values, belief in those DAKCS employees, there is a very low employee turnover rate. The average tenure is well over 10 years here at DAKCS, with that continually increasing day to day. As a result of this tenure and low turnover rate, the company employs a team of industry experts who are available to guide clients through many challenges in the industry today.

Equally important, the DAKCS solution has grown and improved over the years based upon input from the active client community. DAKCS provides a one-vendor solution that provides tools for success all in one package. Along with full feature functionality, automation and flexibility in report and screen design, the software solution includes screen and report design tools, secured client access portal, predictive dialing and messaging platform, credit and risk scoring, self-service and e-signature requirements with elegantly designed, configurable enterprise solutions.

According to many sales and marketing experts today, clients buy from people they know and trust and who can put their questions at ease. DAKCS’ success is proven based on our current client base and on boarding new clients to date. Decisions on your software are extremely important and we respect the time it takes to make an important decision. Take a few minutes to speak with our knowledgeable team and learn about the DAKCS product and services portfolio. Get to know DAKCS and you’ll find that we are an open book company. Industry knowledge, understanding the challenges, and most importantly we grow with you and are there for you. At DAKCS, our company culture stands for itself and our people really do make the difference.

DAKCS Software Solutions provides comprehensive debt collection and Accounts Receivable management software solutions to a variety of industries including government agencies. We leverage over 30 years of experience to provide the most advanced collections software, which we continuously update to maintain the highest standards of compliance with new laws and regulations. For more information, please explore our website, or Contact Us.

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