Grow Your Law Firm With Collection Software Automation and Integration

May 30, 2018

What can great legal software do for you?

First of all, attorneys and law firms look for solutions that offer automation by utilizing built-in configuration. Robert Rossi of Rossi Law Offices in Smithfield, Rhode Island was looking for opportunities to improve his business. He needed highly configurable collection software with powerful document management, flexible workflow, and tracking tools.  

“We wanted to grow and innovate, and DAKCS helped us do that tremendously,” says Robert Rossi of Rossi Law Offices.

Mr. Rossi continues, “Our law firm relies heavily on documentation. Having a fully integrated depository allows us to organize and store legal documents, terms, and notes. The Client Vault storage and Consumer Vault storage provide us the ability to electronically file all appropriate documentation about our lawsuits and clients in a very user-friendly database. This offers us an eco-friendly solution to improve conserving paper and print while lowering costs.”

Value Technology Designed for Legal Space

DAKCS Debt Collection Software for attorneys and law firms offers you capabilities to automate your business processes while utilizing built-in configuration. Due to having system features designed specific for the legal collection space, DAKCS provides keys to business fluidity and growth:

  • Ability to track and manage suits, judgements, appointments and legal costs.
  • Integrated screen, report, and document designers put the power in your hands.
  • Complete document storage and management with signature capability.
  • Automation to improve productivity, data quality, and ensure compliance.
Legal Industry Focus

The ability to streamline the litigation process by rapidly moving accounts from pre-collection through post adjudication. With DAKCS, tracking for all legal costs and fees is easily configurable. Enter courts, attorneys, process servers and any other case participants for quick and centralized tracking.

Utilize enhanced flexibility to calculate and track interest pre and post judgment. Apply the appropriate fees associated with each suit and track important dates applied to each suit and court proceeding such as the date filed, date served, and judgment date.

Itemization, reconciliation, and billing capabilities for legal costs are core to maintaining an organized and efficient legal office.

Integrated Design, Storage, and Tracking

Store and attach documents to the account, consumer or client, allows quick and easy retrieval and a more efficient workflow based upon recovery score. Our configurable document design tool handles all court specific documents. As a result, custom documents and terms provides necessary requirements to be met for specific legal cases and client requests.

Our centralized document repository stores electronically filed court records, proceedings, evidence images for a more efficient response time.

Automation, Quality, and Assurance

Application of suits to one or many accounts linked to a single party provides proof and compliance for each step in the legal process. Especially using an integrated legal appointments calendar with reminders/ticklers can provide a fluid active schedule for follow-up dates.

Most of all, using available defined legal charge codes to itemize and track costs associated allows for annotation and workflow which saves time and ensures compliance.

Complete Software Solution Driven by Value Technology

In conclusion, a deep understanding of the accounts receivable industry with a commitment to solving problems ensures that the return on your technology investment continues to grow. For over 35 years, listening to our customers and their business needs leads to innovation and growth opportunities.


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