Northeast Debt Collection Conference | September 15 – 17 | Booth 18 | Atlantic City

September 15 – 17
Booth 18

Whether it is magic card tricks to impress your co-workers or a winning hand at the tables in Atlantic City, having the right cards in the right order keeps you on top.

With our collection software, you can configure and fine-tune your automated workflows and data mining queries to optimize your database and collections processes, thus increasing your bottom line.

Join Senior Account Executive, Reid Miller, at the Northeast Debt Collection Conference in Atlantic City.

Stop at Booth 18 to see more magic. A chance to see why rearranging your cards can prove for the winning hand PLUS an awesome giveaway and bottle auction custom for the event!

Gain insight on:

  • Latest upcoming Vendor Partner Integrations
  • Test drive the system to see our open database, configurable screens, reports, and workflow processes.
  • Why it’s important to have partners who put you first
  • How Beyond ARM offers tools to help you with compliance and getting the job done efficiently

Not attending NEDCE this year? Contact the DAKCS team today for a consultative conversation.

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