DAKCS Hosts Interchange Summit 2017 | Sept. 21 – 22 | Ogden, UT

TWO DAYS. September 21 – 22, 2017 Ogden, Utah


Find out how two days of quality workshops and conversations will take your business to the next level. It’s time for us to get back together, to share and make connections, interacting to get the absolute most out of our DAKCS Software Solutions. Let’s bring some new twists to an old DAKCS tradition.

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Take a look at the Interchange Summit Detailed Agenda of Events and Sessions. DAKCS-INTERCHANGE-SUMMIT-AGENDA-2017



verb: (of two or more people) exchange (things) with each other.
“superior and subordinates freely interchange ideas and information”

1. the action of interchanging things, especially information. “the interchange of ideas”

2. A highway intersection consisting of a system of several different road levels arranged so that vehicles may move from one road to another without crossing the streams of traffic.


ONE place, ONE location, and ONE family working together to unlock the full potential of your system. We want to reignite that synergy and unity in a way that works best when we all are in ONE place sharing and communicating.


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