DAKCS goes to Southwest ACA Conference | October 14 – 16 | Irving, Texas

Southwest ACA Conference
October 14 – 16
Booth 12

While there has been cloning of sheep, there is no current technology available to clone yourself. Luckily for you, the DAKCS system has the automation tools that allow you to complete multiple tasks without the possible side effects of cloning.

Join Reid Miller, Senior Account Executive, at the Southwest ACA Annual Conference happening October 14-16 in Texas. Come by booth 12, learn more about our solutions and enter to win our awesome giveaway.

Gain insight about:

  • With our proven technology, your system can preprocess and even work accounts before they are ever seen by a collector.
  • Queries can be scheduled to pull any list of accounts, then processed through an intelligent data-driven workflow.
  • All without human interaction, more automation.

Not attending Southwest ACA Conference this year? Contact the DAKCS team today for a consultative conversation.


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