DAKCS Upgrades With Beyond (for Collection Advisor.com)

September 9, 2004

The FootPrint module is designed for rapidly imaging, archiving and retrieving collection documents. 

By Richard S. Buse

DAKCS Software Systems, Inc., Ogden, Utah, has developed applications for the collection and recovery industry for more than 20 years. Its Beyond.Net application is a major enhancement to DAKCS’ agency management system, The Sting.

Beyond.Net retains the SQL relational database and data mining characteristics of The Sting. Unlike The Sting, however, Beyond. Net is based on a graphical user interface (GUI). Most functions are launched by clicking on pull-down menus, buttons or icons, and those selections can be customized for individual users.

Beyond.Net’s account screen is the primary work area for collectors. In addition to viewing account histories and debtor contact information, collectors can directly access an Internet browser from that screen. This function enables collectors to obtain information from skip tracing services, credit bureaus or other online resources.

A series of specialized modules are included with Beyond.Net. The FootPrint module is designed for imaging, archiving and retrieving collection documents. Scanned image files of checks, letters or other documents can then be attached to account files in .tif format.

With Legal-Trak, collectors can schedule and track the activities and expenses associated with legal recovery efforts. A database for process servers, courts and referral attorneys can be maintained. Summons, complaints and other court documents also can be printed.

The Loan-Trak module can be used for amortizing loans. Interest and principal payments can be tracked, and disclosure statements and coupon books generated. Loan-Trak also highlights slow pay accounts for action or review. The Cockpit section of Beyond.Net enables managers to monitor client account performance, individual collector performance, sales associate performance and overall agency performance. Individual collector performance can be measured by the dollar value of promises received, volume of accounts worked or total fees collected. Sales associate performance can be assessed on the volume of referrals, dollar value of referrals, fees collected and other criteria.

Client account information can be sorted by date range, amounts received, balances remaining or other criteria. Automatic distribution of such information to clients via fax or e-mail can be scheduled. That information can be entered in text, PDF or HTML formats.

Beyond.Net’s Cost Watch capabilities for measuring overall agency financial performance begin as a part of the installation process. DAKCS helps the customer determine general business overhead. That overhead is then pro-rated into the unit costs for various activities, such as collector calls, or the generation and distribution of letters. Managers can then assess which clients or accounts are generating the greatest rate of return, which are yielding the largest net return, and which may be unprofitable or only marginally profitable. Monthly or annual agency revenue and profitability goals can be established, with real-time data provided for comparison. Those comparisons can be viewed in graph formats, enabling managers to gain a more visual understanding of performance.

A drag and drop feature enables users to easily transfer information into Beyond.Net’s Report Writer. With Report Writer, an array of reports pertaining to account histories, client accounts, individual productivity and overall agency performance can be generated.

DAKCS offers standard support Monday-Friday. With each new installation, one week of onsite training and preparation, with an additional week of follow-up support provided. DAKCS also relies upon a consortium of customers to suggest improvements and enhancements.

With Beyond.Net, DAKCS offers an application that provides robust capabilities to agency users. The emphasis on menus, icons and buttons for launching functions also makes Beyond.Net easy to learn and use.

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