Contact Software Dialing Solution Feature: Voicemail Drop

October 18, 2018

Why Does Voicemail Drop Feature in QwikDial Benefit Me?

Last week, we introduced our October blog series on recently added features to our Contact Software Solution: QwikDial. Our goal is to assist you on the business challenges you face and provide available solutions that could make the process more efficient.

Contributing to the success of our Contact Software Solution, our latest feature is Voicemail Drop. The following details the problem/solution breakdown for Voicemail Drop.

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Voicemail Drop

The Problem  

Reaching consumers to discuss the legitimate business matters surrounding resolving past-due accounts has become increasingly difficult. The slow legislative process and the litigious environment make utilizing new technologies aimed at improving results problematic.

Resolving many accounts receivable matters can only occur when a discussion takes place, as a result finding ways to facilitate discussion is a primary core function of the collection process.

Learn more here on the listed FCC Actions on Robocalls, Telemarketing. 

Ringless Voicemail Drops, or RVD, works by placing voicemail messages directly into a consumer’s voice mailbox without placing a call.

Even though the technology is sound, are ringless voicemail drops exempt from TCPA rules?  The short answer is no, they are not. Under the TCPA, all new telephone technologies could be a violation of the law, including voicemail, text message, and email. Ringless Voicemail Drops must be used responsibly at ALL times. 

It is important to understand this is a technology to communicate with consumers and not all consumers want to receive your communications. That is the whole reason why the TCPA was set up in the first place, to avoid irresponsible communications that could potentially bother an individual or consumer. Like other communication technologies,  RVD has been around for almost 10 years; however, there is a right way and wrong way to deliver any type of message. 

Click here for more discussion about Ringless Voicemails being included under the TCPA Lawsuit.  

We can assume this technology is not exempt from any rule and encourage you to discuss the laws with legal counsel and use the technology the correct way. One thing is for certain, this is helpful technology that when used the right way is incredibly beneficial for both the sender and the receiver.  

The Benefit/Solution

Time Savings from Voicemail Drop

Agents save time using Voicemail Drop systems. In high-volume contact center environments, agents often leave up to 150 voicemails in a single day. 

At an average of 30 seconds a voicemail, this can take up to 25 hours of an individual agent’s time each month. So for a team of ten agents, that’s 250 hours. As a result in using Voicemail Drop tools, agents can gain much of that time back.

Our customers are using this method as a way to reach consumers via cell phone, mitigating some risk involved. Full integration allows easy setup and management of campaigns and includes built-in tracking to monitor how voicemail drops affect your business.

A Consistent Message

Voicemail Drop systems present other advantages to representatives that include:

  • Quality—Using prerecorded voicemails ensures that every voicemail message sounds perfect and lively. Agents often sound less enthusiastic toward the ends of their workdays after leaving many manual voicemail messages.
  • Optimization—Using prerecorded voicemails enables managers to test which voicemail messages get the most responses. This data can help reps optimize agents’ communication.
  • Compliance—Prerecorded voicemails can be framed around campaigns to enable speed while also maintaining a degree of compliance while attempting to resolve the account.

The DAKCS Difference

DAKCS Software provides the difference with Value Technology, comprehensive debt collection and Accounts Receivable Management software. DAKCS continues to stay up to date with the highest standards of service and compliance with new laws and regulations.

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