Committed for the Long Run?

July 19, 2016

Cyclist Long Ride

Is your Collections and ARM Technology Partner Committed to the Long Run?

With the Summer Olympics olympic athletes have poured their heart and souls into training and fine-tuning their craft to perform at peak levels.

The amount of practice, commitment and personal investment these athletes put into their sport parallels our business operations and challenges. Establishing diligence and hard work while choosing a partner who shares in vision and values can make the difference as we strive for the best.

Like the games, our industry continues to evolve with new talent and challenges along the way pushing us to improve.

Consolidations and acquisitions of key industry providers creates quite a buzz, while compliance and regulations continue to put hurdles in the way of operations. How will these types of changes affect your business? What will happen in the long run? 

Three Key Principles

DAKCS wants to make sure you receive the commitment you deserve and should come to expect from your Accounts Receivable management and collection software partner. We believe there are three key principles to your peak performance:


Direction and Determination:

What direction is your business headed? With a tenured staff and long-term commitment to our customers and the industry, you’ll have a strong technology partner with DAKCS.

Unity in One Solution:

DAKCS offers one unified technology platform with one experienced team and laser-like focus. 

Focus on the Long Run:  Our strategy is simple…we win when our customers win.

Direction and Determination

Have you Asked yourself the Following Questions Lately?

  1. Does my current collection software provider’s actions align with my long-term goals?
  2. Is my collection software provider listening to my individual business needs?
  3. Do I have a clear picture on the direction my ARM and collection software partner is headed?

A committed solution partner that takes action by simplifying processes, focusing on stability and sustaining growth viability. Your provider should adapt their decisions and vision to be suitable to assist your business to grow and remain viable in an ever-changing business environment.

Find a Partner for the Long Run 

If you’re having questions about the direction of your software provider, reach out to our team at DAKCS. Let us show you why we will compete on your behalf.

To reach the next milestone together, we are determined to prove to you why we are confident in our abilities as top leaders in the industry. We are ready to be your partner for the long run and go the distance.

Commitment and Dedication to your Business

DAKCS is dedicated to your business for the long run with strength backed by our tenured staff. Many of our employees have reached tenure levels with 10+ years of experience and a combined corporate total of 300+ years of employee experience.

For over three decades, we have partnered with companies like yours to provide solutions to industry challenges, automate business processes, and maintain high standards of risk mitigation and compliance.  We take pride in our corporate culture which allows us to maintain lasting cohesive alliances among our client base.

Many of our clients have been loyal supporters for over 25 years. With persistence and hard work, we’ve built and developed these long-lasting business partnerships.

Like the athletes, DAKCS Software is dedicated to the direction ahead and ready to perform. We are in this industry for the long run, and we can prove it to you.

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