Is Your Collection Software Aligned with the Bottom Line?

March 10, 2017

Debt Collection software is a buying decision that requires both time and energy.

Selecting the right collection software that best matches your business needs becomes the foundation of a long-term partnership

Choosing a collection software partner that doesn’t fit your needs can be both expensive and frustrating. In contrast, choosing the right business partner who is committed, engaged and responsive can lower training and implementation costs and leverage your investment saving you time, money and frustration.

Before upgrading your software solutions and to ensure successful return on your investment, check off these three must-haves for your debt collection software to create a solid foundation for you to build your future.

Is the Software Easy to Operate?

How easy is it to adjust and modify the system based on your needs? Some systems require constant coaching and assistance from their software company, which can lead to expensive delays and ongoing technical support costs.

Another indicator is if the system capabilities are restricted causing additional custom programming requirements. You must be able to configure it to meet your clients’ needs and the company’s needs. The new system should be intuitive, generate necessary reports, and enable you to customize based on your processes.  

Many current systems require additional vendors or add-on software to complete the necessary tasks you require on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Consider whether the proposed software includes everything you need to streamline your systems and operate the business efficiently.

How Knowledgeable is the Staff and their Commitment to the Business?

Working with the software company goes beyond the initial purchase. To be beneficial to your business, the implementation and training team along with the technical support team, should be readily available to assist your team.

Staff must be onboard with the potential changes, and effective communication between all parties is essential for success. Proper on-boarding and training will help quickly integrate your systems and processes, allowing you to focus on revenues rather than the software.

Another important consideration is the business philosophy of the software vendor.

Are you another number on their income statement? Do they focus on delivering you the best service, or do they look to cut costs by outsourcing their support offshore?

Regardless of whether the staffing issues are within your company or the software servicing company, the result is the same. A present state with no chance of success.

What is the Total System Cost?

The overall cost of owning the system is a major concern. Many systems require additional purchases to complete all your necessary tasks. Costs can begin to add up as you try and integrate multiple systems and expect them to work seamlessly together.

Do you have one system for calling customers, another for compliance, and a third to accept payments? When systems are not designed to work together, it can result in a convoluted experience for the end user and your company.  

DAKCS would be proud to help you compare our collection software platform to any other technology provider and provide some insight into this preliminary research. This will save you time and money prior to making this big decision.

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