Click-to-Call is a way to reach consumers with human intervention

December 17, 2019

The Click-to-Call Story

DAKCS discusses the current landscape and problem, compliant solutions, and the process of Click-to-Call. In addition, we offer two testimonials that demonstrate how this product can help your business.

The Problem

Utilizing an Automated Telephone Dialing System (ATDS) in collections is one of the largest and most controversial topics today. The industry, as well as the court system, is split over the case law and the vague definitions in the law of what constitutes an ATDS.

There are no guarantees in TCPA risk mitigation, and consent remains key. One aspect that keeps proving reliable in court rules is that human intervention disqualifies a system as an ATDS.

If human intervention is the key to risk mitigation, the bigger question becomes how do you introduce human intervention and still maintain the efficiencies of automation?

The DAKCS Difference

To help our customers navigate these challenges, DAKCS is thrilled to introduce our Click-to-Call service. With Click-to-Call, agencies have the ability to place more calls in less time with no risk of using an ATDS.

The Click-to-Call Process

Click-to-Call introduces a human intervention process before a call is placed.

1. Qualify all the accounts that will be called or attempted to be called in a given time frame.

2. Those accounts get placed in a review queue which will be presented to a new type of user, a clicker. 

3. The clicker logs into the Click-to-Call service and evaluates the needs of the calling floor based on the number of available agents ready to accept a call and the number of available calls that can be placed. Then, one by one, the clicker agent clicks on a contact to send that call into the system to dial.

4. The calls are then processed normally, using the same dialogs and workflow.

The results are shown right away.

“We started using Click-to-Call over the last month and found it almost doubled our contacts on outbound calls. The floor is buzzing with collectors talking to people, and because we don’t leave messages, we are getting a lot of return calls. We’re excited about this compliant option to get people on the phone for our collectors.”

~Longtime customer at DAKCS

“Click-to-Call is another great DAKCS collection tool. Instead of manually dialing telephone numbers, it is as easy as clicking a mouse or using the keyboard hot key. We are able to make more contacts in a shorter time period.”

~Ann Smyth with Action Professionals, Inc.

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