Choose Collection Software for Agency Needs

November 16, 2009

Various types of collection software are available to suit the needs of individual agencies. All collection agencies utilize software to aid in payment processing and access to information. Some larger agencies also use next generation dialer capabilities to increase the number of debtors reached.

Collection agencies come in different sizes and have varying specialties, and therefore have different software needs. Some categories of collections are credit cards, medical, auto, utility, lines of credit, and more. There is a variety of collection software from which to choose depending on the type and size of the business. The better a debt collection system suits the agency, the more efficient and successful collections will be. Debt collection software can be customized to achieve optimum results.

It is a competitive environment in a small or start up collection agency. The collection software facilitating agency needs should have all of the convenient features, yet not be terribly expensive or complex. There is software available to meet the needs of smaller agencies, which is easy to use and will grow with an agency. It will smooth the progress of payment processing and access to credit bureaus, and allow access to client and debtor information. Software supports payment processing by allowing payments from debtors by electronic check processing and credit card processing right at an agent’s workstation.

Collection software for a larger agency needs to include all of these features, but have the ability to handle higher volumes. With higher numbers of calls made, next generation dialer capabilities can significantly increase the bottom line of dollars collected. These systems allow more direct connections with the debtors. Information access needs may be more complex in a larger agency, with more individuals needing the information in real time, including managers, staff and clients. This feature is also offered in collection software, and the system allows managers to view summary information about clients and collections at all times to track results.

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