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Is Your Current Collection Software Hindering Company Growth?

As the collection industry progresses towards multichannel and omnichannel collection strategies, the need to manage those varied channels of communication becomes a much bigger requirement. Failure to integrate multiple collection channels through a single streamlined system will leave money on
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Is Your Collection Software Aligned with the Bottom Line?

Debt Collection software is a buying decision that requires both time and energy, so selecting the right collection software that best matches your business needs becomes the foundation of a long-term partnership. Choosing a collection software partner that doesn’t fit your
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The 3 Essential Questions You Need to Answer to Choose The Best Software in 2017

In our industry, maintaining compliance continues to bring challenges and consumer communication patterns continue to move to more convenient electronic channels. You need a core software platform that can develop and benefit from these types of changes assisting you in

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Committed for the Long Run?

To find out how DAKCS can assist you for the long run, contact our team today at 800.873.2527. CLICK HERE for more information or to request a demo. Stay tuned for the next installment of our “Principles for the Long Run” blog series… Unity in One Solution.

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How Government Collections Software Can Help Government Bodies and Employers Improve Workflows and Process?

It’s important for local communities, cities, and states to have government bodies that work quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, many variables can slow government progress, but government collections software doesn’t have to be one of them. Government bodies need to manage

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How the New FICO Score 9 Enhancements Impact Businesses

With the recent rollout of the new FICO Score 9 credit scoring system, many business owners are curious, if not anxious, to know how it will ultimately affect their ability to extend credit to customers. Let’s look at what the

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Credit Card Debt

A Check of American Credit Card Debt

Despite relative job growth, the American economy continues to struggle as more people see mounting debt levels. While the good news is that Americans seem to be getting better at paying down credit card debt as we distance ourselves from

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