Well over eleven years ago, DAKCS’ enterprise level software package Beyond ARM was first introduced to agencies like yours and to the accounts receivable management market. Today this product is used in the vast majority of our customer implementations both in hosted or on-premise deployments.  

As an incentive to unify our offering from the legacy Sting product to Beyond ARM, we have extensively discounted Beyond ARM licenses costs to our customers. With the majority of our DAKCS customers already taking advantage of this program and migrating to Beyond ARM, the time has come in our corporate lifecycle to discontinue this discount license incentive.  

Effective January 1, 2016 our discounted license rate program will end and customers will be subject to our standard, group purchase discount pricing structure.

This notice should provide you ample time to purchase your licenses for your Sting to Beyond ARM upgrade or if you are already a Beyond ARM user and anticipate company growth in the next few years, you can use this opportunity to take advantage of this limited time offer and purchase licenses at the lower rates this year. In the event that a server purchase is required for your upgrade, our Beyond ARM hosted solution will eliminate a hardware capital expenditure.  

Please contact Travis Hodges (travis@dakcs.com, 1-800-873-2527 ext. 303) today to discuss discounted training options, payment plans, advantages of a hosted solution or to purchase your discounted licenses today.


Lex Patterson
DAKCS Software Systems