How Can Attorneys and Law Firms Benefit From ARM Software

December 15, 2015

Law offices have different collections requirements than other industries.

With individual law firms having different litigation processes, software solution demands must adapt to their operational needs and methods.

Finding the right debt collection software that provides these solutions and methods for attorneys and law firms will provide ample benefits for your business.

Solutions and Methods

Utilizing the right debt collection software solution can positively impact workflows to increase productivity.

The DAKCS Beyond|Legal ARM system does this by helping you automate your office with additional tools such as Action Maintenance, Screen Designer, Table Builder and Report Designer; thus increasing the efficiency of your staff with the elimination of menial time-restriction tasks.

Employees can instead focus on completing more project driven tasks and improving their time management skills.

Next, debt collection software for attorneys will enhance the organization and storage of important documents by electronically filing court records, proceedings, evidence images and more in a centralized repository called the DataVault. Using an electronic filing system can help you reduce your spend on paper plus more environmentally friendly, and it also serves as a consolidated location for these documents.

Scott Pizzello, Trainer and Consultant at DAKCS, shares some additional ways in which Beyond Legal can improve the operations for attorneys and law firms:

  • Tracking of important legal dates such as date filed, date served, judgment date, etc.
  • Attachment of courts, attorneys, and processor servers to legal suits.
  • Creation of multiple accounts within one suit.
  • Use of legal transactions, including charge codes and dates, to reconcile legal costs and charges.
  • Organization and schedules are maintained with the legal appointments calendar in the system.
  • Ability to calculate judgment interest from the date a judgment is received.
  • Creation and design of legal documents within Report Designer pulling information from the system, such as Summons & Complaint, Motion & Order, and Satisfaction of Judgment.

We asked some law firms that use Beyond|Legal about how they use the Beyond system and what benefits they have found that help improve their business.

Question 1. What items of the Beyond Legal ARM System are vital for you and your business? Are there some key tools in the system for your business that Beyond offers a solution?

Lisa Liptak with Maeillo, Brungo & Maiello, LLP in Pittsburgh, PA writes, “We serve as a solicitor for several school districts in the area. In some cases, we stand as special counsel and also as special counsel or solicitor. We collect delinquent real estate or earned income taxes for the districts. While we are a law firm, we actually are using the system more as a collector.”

Lisa continues on with, “We use the system differently that other agencies, in the sense that there is one master account number that belongs to the property. Under that property, each account is considered a ‘tax year’. If a person owes for five years, they will have five accounts or ‘tax years’ under their one master account number. We also customize many areas of the system which is another reason why we chose Beyond ARM, it provides us the options.”

Question 2. How does your agency use the DataVault within the Beyond System and what areas of your processes are you using it for and find it helpful?

Wendy Andrews with Rossi Law Offices LTD in Smithfield, Rhode Island replied, “Our law firm relies heavily on the DataVault for all documentation. The Beyond ARM system allows us to organize and store legal documents, court records, proceedings, and notes which improves our overall efficiency; and it keeps us more environmentally friendly by conserving print and paper. Within the system, the DataVault offers both the Client Vault storage and Consumer Vault storage which allows us to electronically file all appropriate documentation about our loans and clients in a very user-friendly database.”

Question 3: What other Beyond Legal ARM tools does your law firm take advantage of?

“The built-in Letter Sequencing within the system saves a lot of time as well as the DataVault storage,” says Wendy Andrews, Rossi Law. She continues, “We no longer call on every account coming in but instead we depend on the letter sequence number which allows us to focus on the accounts that actually need our attention. Along with the letter sequence process tool, we have learned add-on solutions like QwikContact, debtor email secured portal, within Beyond ARM for our document and payment reminder letters. We use Report Designer for some but not all specific legal documents. This allows us to update and pull placeholders from the Beyond ARM Database making our reporting process more efficient.”

Question 4: How does your credit bureau use the tools available in DAKCS Beyond’s tool set in the debt collection process? Are there tools that you use on a daily basis in your operations?

Melissa Burke from The Credit Bureau of Ukiah, Inc. located in a rural part of California, where there aren’t many jobs in ample numbers available and many of the accounts collected on involve medical debt collection writes, “In almost every type of account, we use the integrated Scoring Tool to check an account’s collectability and Recovery Score prior to making contact with the consumer. We use the rest of the tool features differently depending upon the type of debt and account.” Melissa goes on to say, “We heavily use DataVault for document storage and including itemized billing because it makes our work more organized and efficient and we count on the Report Designer (Letter Designer) tool within the system to build legal documents we need to print for court appearances.”

With all the different debt environments and circumstances eliciting unique collection solutions, attorneys need debt collection software for law firms with built-in opportunities for customization. DAKCS Beyond|Legal Accounts Receivable management software is that solution.


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