Benefits of Adding Call Blending to your Business Operations

November 8, 2018

Call Blending

DAKCS Contact Software Solution, QwikDial offers various integrated features such as Dynamic Caller ID and Voicemail Drop. By adding Call Blending to the mix, your business adds in flexibility to the operations.

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When using a dialing system for outbound calls, you run the risk of missing important inbound calls. These inbound calls are what call centers are all about. An inbound call usually means one of two things:

The first, and might be the most important reason, is it generates revenue for the call center. Whether you are a call center for a retail store, a collection agency, or even a high tech software company.

The second reason is that the person calling in is returning a call that was placed to them by your company.

In most situations, segmenting a call floor into inbound and outbound agents causes a distinct decrease in performance.


Increased productivity

With a dialing system that has a true call blending environment, your company can handle both an outbound dialing system and inbound calling traffic with a single group of agents.

Call Blending is designed to work hand-in-hand with the dialing system creating a seamless call center experience. With this technology, you can be assured that all calls are being attended to appropriately and in a timely matter.

Using a system that has a call blending environment will increase call center productivity. The primary focus of a call center is for its employees to be on the phone for the majority of the day. This technology allows agents to be in an active outbound campaign, and still be able to receive inbound calls without interrupting the progress of the outbound campaign.

With this process, agents go from one call to another faster, which allows them to speak to more people over the course of the day, essentially increasing their productivity.

Other Potential Advantages of Call Blending

Call blending technology also presents other advantages. Some of those advantages include:

productivity increase

Increased Revenue – Using a call blending enabled system, ensures that your agents have more clean contacts, more opportunities to up-sell, and increase whatever may be the driving revenue force, thus increasing the overall revenue at the end of the day.

Cut Down Expenses – This technology will allow your agents to take both inbound and outbound calls, resulting in a more efficient streamlined staff. By having a smaller staff this cuts your need to hire new employees, saving time on training and payroll.

Decreased Caller Wait Time – Most of the time by reducing wait time for a consumer it will make for a more positive outcome. By having agents trained to handle both incoming and outgoing phone calls, you increase the chances of your agents to be able to secure payment.

By taking advantage of these integrated recently added features, QwikDial becomes a powerful contact software solution that gives you back your Voice. Powerful, Configurable, Value Technology.

For more information about this solution, head to the DAKCS QwikDial page and/or arrange an online demonstration today. 

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